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Review: SVP DC-3D-80 3D camera

Updated on January 8, 2018
Jonathan Sabin profile image

Jonathan has been a 3D enthusiast, hobbyist, videographer and photographer since 2009 and keeps abreast of all things related to stereo 3D.

This is the rare camera I can literally say is good for nothing

I love 3D, so when I saw this camera being sold on eBay brand new for $50, I thought it was a steal. It was. Stealing from me, that is. What could go wrong? I'll break it down.

It looks like it should be a decent budget 3D option. The interaxial distance is a little shorter than Fuji's W3, it has a flash, an autostereoscopic screen, buttons for everything, a long lasting battery, and shoots at up to 3 megapixels, which is higher than 1080p (roughly 2mp) so should look good on an HDTV.

However, the flash doesn't work in 3D mode, and when you try to use it in 2D a bug causes the camera to crash. The screen is painfully low resolution, which is reduced much further in 3D, making it almost unusable. Alignment is almost always off, making the anaglyph mode useless as post editing is impossible once the colors are burned in.

But here's the real deal-breaker. The max native resolution is half that of standard definition, roughly .15 of a megapixel. That's right, the claimed 3 megapixels are interpolated, which is marketing double talk for 'fake'. Every picture and video you take, no matter how good the lighting, WILL be grossly pixelated and have color fringing, far worse than VHS quality.

Thankfully I got a refund, but you should avoid this product like the plague.


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