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Review of Consumer Search

Updated on December 23, 2013
Consumer Search offers unique writing jobs for freelancers interested in crafting product and service reviews.
Consumer Search offers unique writing jobs for freelancers interested in crafting product and service reviews. | Source

Gain valuable knowledge about the next website you work for before investing valuable time resources

Are you interested in writing reviews for consumer products? There are countless places around the web searching for terrific writers with expertise in this field and are willing to compensate wonderfully for the effort. Consumer is a website waiting for more freelancers to review products and produce content full of personal opinions for the company and a great rate of pay.

Not all businesses offering the same opportunity to write consumer reviews are created equal. Finding a match to fit a writer's style, expected income and work ethic is difficult for lots of these. T

A writer taking a look at companies paying for these services to make an informed decision before committing to one is a good professional career move. This is an overview of one recognized by a number of writers as a cut above the competition in the industry on a number of levels. Check out Consumer Search and what they offer.

About the business

The company boasts they help customers find the best top rated products in their class. They want to decrease time spent trying to make an informed decision about spending money on any item. They deliver on this promise by simply having first-rate writers relay written info through their site.

The company has a unique way of constructing an enormous data base of product reviews. Editors search through the webs content and other print counterparts for comparative analyses written by the competition. A personal ranking system for credibility and an innovative area search tool compile these together in order to fashion a Consumer Search assessment. This finished product is where hired freelance writer's input comes in. A combination of the assessment and the writers job duties is the finished output.

Although a lot of the work is performed by technology, writers perform the human component of the final task. What specific input is needed to the construction is not shared on the company website. Specifics are held until after a writer is offered a position with the company.

What makes them different?


Consumer Search needs viewpoints for a vast number of categories. From automobiles to toasters, they have an interest in what you think and getting those thoughts relayed to their clients. Lots of categories means variety and diversity in what a writer will be doing.

In their own words they need “uncommon research and analytical skills”. They take the viewpoints from customers for a major portion of the analysis created. This makes the job a little easier than most other websites like Consumer Research.

Critical interpretation and organized material is always a must for any client asking for skilled expertise, but there is a key difference with this writing job gig. Each employee must connect with the tone and format of their business.


The assumption is an employee's writing will follow the direction they give without any obstacles or hurdles. The job descriptions outlined on the webpage discloses they pay workers according to the difficulty of a task along with the type of assignment. If a match is not made with the company and a writer, no job will be offered. They need the best of the best and are willing to pay for it.

How to apply


There are not a lot of pros to the hiring process. Applications are handled via a downloadable version. Email a copy of the completed form along with a writer’s resume to the company offices. This is very different from what is expected today. Characteristically applications are electronic for writing sites. This type of application is associated with personal clients.

Links to published work around the web and standard contact info are included as part of the resume they look for. There is one slightly unusual request in the hiring process. They ask for a description of a product the writer personally purchased along with how it was researched before it was purchased. Where was info found around the web for the item? Along with this info they would like the sites used to make the purchase decision as well.


On the heels of this slightly unusual kind of application, an invite is given to anyone they have an interest in hiring. After getting an invite a research exercise must be completed. It is basically a short assignment used for compiling reports for the company. If accepted a writer is in and ready to start making terrific money as a writer. Truthfully, you are making very good money with this freelance job. Even with multiple levels to the hiring process, it is worth the trouble.

The pay for your work


What a writer earns with this particular business is an important piece to this article. Believe it or not the rumor around the water cooler for a lot of freelancers is your pay is never lower than $350 per assignment with Consumer Research. That is correct, $350 for each assignment. Countless writers find it difficult to earn this amount in a month from most writing jobs around the web. This accounts for the privilege of an invitation instead of the usual employment process.

There is a variation in payment, always making more than $350 per writing job, depending on the task the company assigns. The average piece is done in 10 hours or less. This is more than extraordinary payment for a writing gig compared with other similar sites with identical kinds of tasks.


Even with a great rate of pay most people on the payroll complain the work is not very steady. All the same, what you earn for one task is ten times or more than lots of sites with the same type of work. This makes them above and beyond competitive as far as pay goes.

Other major pros

One of other biggest pros is the company doesn’t require writers to personally own or use a product or service for each assignment. The only exception is with the initial application and this is typically an item already owned.

Other companies ask writers to purchase every product or service discussed. For an example, this means with Consumer Research writers do not have to buy the software from a website critiqued or own the 50 inch television set where a personal view point was shared. This is wonderful. The work is a combination of appraisals from other actual customer’s experiences which are posted around the internet.

With the database created by the business doing the majority of the work, the work tied to each task is shared. The human intervention is much less than other product review companies.

Other major cons

It is very difficult to get hired as a writer for a job here. The turnover rate is close to nil. The job duties and writing income are contributors to these factors. Though, the webpage does reveal employment openings. Job postings detail a search for freelance writers with backgrounds in journalism or familiarity in writing these particular types of reviews. This is not a niche lots of writers are skilled in.

Feedback from other writers about the company

confusion in hiring process

Around the web writers have shared their personal encounter applying for positions with the company. Many admitted they were not hired after taking the first evaluation test. There was confusion in the hiring process, not necessarily on their part.

After the first test, they were asked to take a second one, even though they did not fail the first. The second was similar, but not identical to the first. Numerous forums discussing the company shared comments acknowledging hours were spent taking both of these and in the end they received a rejection for a job.

payment for taking hiring tests

Others complained following the first company test they were asked to take a second one. The company agreed to pay them $100 for their trouble.

Surprisingly, no feedback was found around the web from writers passing the second test and what happened after both were completed. The obvious conclusion is hiring is the next step. Though, they did not share if they enjoyed the job, if the work was easy or other pertinent info.

no feedback for hired writers found

There are articles posted for customers using the site. This means someone is actually working to develop finished products. One assumption is after passing the second exam you are in the door as an employee. Several companies ask employees to never discuss work product as a job requirement. Is this the reason for missing feedback?

sister company to

Consumer Search and are sister companies. Both have a lot to offer the web audience with info and expertise. The reputation and credibility of is above reproach and a success with anyone using the web pages they manufacture.


great pay and credibility

This is the occupation many freelance writers have been waiting for. It is a great source of income doing something they enjoy. The only drawback related to the company is getting a foot in the door which is described as difficult by numerous people in the profession. Only a chosen few are admitted to the club or Consumer Search. A sister company to puts their credibility way up there.

website not a WOW

The website doesn’t have an enormous amount of space dedicated to job applications or will WOW anyone with web design. In fact, there are only four paragraphs which briefly describe how to apply and general info on what job duties will be if hired. At $350 or more per project, the job description is not as important as the pay. They probably do not need to invest in the attractive colors and layout for web pages to get attention after writers discover what the position offers for a professional salary.

more job duty details needed

The site and job description info should include more about the company’s writers pay details. Although they do explain a minimum income, they do not detail how to keep steady assignments and other important info. Whether or not this is on purpose remains to be seen. A Q and A is wonderful for this material.

great professional move

Writers with a remarkable knack for organizing a variety of thoughts and construct excellent material are highly sought after. With a variety of product review sites around the web, experts in the field are curious about them. Before investing their time in one they need to know if there is a good match. This is where a review of these types of sites comes in.

This is a company asking for writers to produce content on products and services consumers want to know about before they buy them. It appears to be a good place to expand a professional writing career. Even though an open position application comes with jumping through several hoops, it certainly seems worth the trouble with the amount of monies to be made.

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Blog tips for product reviews are useful for anyone working on creating the best work possible.

© 2013 smcopywrite


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