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Review of Gunman Clive: Android Essentials

Updated on June 1, 2012

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Author's Note:

This is a summary review. See the links below for an in depth review.


This is one freaking awesome game. I was dubious because it was a side scroller and when you've played one you've played them all, but this game breaks the mold and reforms it.

The best part is the game is only $1.99 from the Amazon Appstore or the Google Play store.

On top of all of that, the game play, the graphics and the music make the game one of the most memorable I've had the honor to play. If you are a side scroller fan or have played them before, think Serious Sam meets Mario Brothers but more ascetically pleasing. This game is for both casual and serious gamers.

The Story

It's the classic cowboy saved the fair lady from the villains except that there is a twist. I don't want to spoil the twist though so I will refrain from shouting it out. Let's just say that the twist makes it so that the environments of the game are diverse and fun.


Your control options are diverse. Obviously you have the touch screen, but if you have a Bluetooth controller, keyboard or a USB port on your device (the latter is true with the ASUS Transformer line when using the keyboard dock) then you can play the game easily with any of those other options. What is more, all controller options are easy to use and very responsive.

Final Verdict

If you couldn't tell, I love this game. For what it is it goes beyond expectations and is very enjoyable. It has stood the test of time because I keep coming back to it just for the heck of it even though I've beat the game twice of two different difficulty levels. Over all I would give it a solid 5 stars out of 5.

If you want to read a more in depth review, see the link below for more details including more screen shots and other goodies.

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