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Review of Mass Effect Infiltrator: Android Essentials

Updated on June 1, 2012

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Author's Note

This is a summary review. See the links below for an in depth review.


Mass Effect Infiltrator is a third person shooter. It is designed to be a prequel for Mass Effect 3 and it is very well done both as a prequel and as a stand alone game. The game costs $6.99 in the Google Play Store. It is currently unavailable via other Android app stores. Over all the game play is amazing even if the story does feel a bit rough at spots. This game was reviewed using the ASUS Transformer Prime tablet (TF201).

The Story

In this prequel you play Randall Ezno (a Cerberus agent) rather than Commander Shepard. What is more, in the bonus game option you can also play an escaped alien prisoner within the Cerberus facility. Both games are very interesting and fun. There are times when the story feels a bit thin and contrived, but over all it plays and works well.

Game Play

The game play is the best I have had for a mobile operating system game. The interaction with touch screen is intuitive and makes for very smooth operation. The only complaint I have is with the auto fire. You do not have control of when to stop firing except when you switch weapons. Either you take out your opponent or the magazine for the weapon goes empty otherwise. This is not so good when you get into a situation where you have too many enemies to handle and you want or need to switch targets or get the heck out of dodge. The good news is switching weapons is easy so it isn't such a bad thing.

At no point during the game play did my fingers feel tired from pushing the touch screen. Later, after I mastered the controls of the game, it was ridiculously fun and easy to control even if the levels were challenging at times.

Cross Platform Integration

EA has made it so if you own Mass Effect 3 there is an additional bonus to owning this mobile prequel. As you collect intel throughout the game, you can redeeming it for improving your Galactic Readiness score in Mass Effect 3. The good news is that if you don't own the game or you don't want to use the intel like that, you can instead redeem it for credits which you can use to upgrade your weapons, armor and the like. You also earn credits through how well you do during each combat sequence as well as through different treasure pickup spots. Over all, the cross platform integration makes this game even more appealing to those who own Mass Effect 3.

Final Assessment

I happily give this game 4 and a half stars out of 5. It was not disappointing in the least and well worth my money.

For a more in depth review, see the link below to the TriForce Radio site. This review includes more details on the game as well as tons of screen shots and other bonuses.

Mass Effect 3
Mass Effect 3

Mass Effect 3 for Xbox 360.



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