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Review of Nokia 808 Pure View: Specifications of 41 MP camera phone from Nokia

Updated on August 16, 2012

Have you heard about the new Nokia 808 Pure View? If not then I must tell you that soon Nokia is going launch a new smartphone with 41 MP Camera. Yes, you read absolutely right it will have 41 MP Camera with lots of other exciting features. This coming soon smartphone from Nokia has already made a big fuss in the smartphone market.

Let’s have look on all the specifications of Nokia 808 Pure View and find by our self that what making this phone so unique than other smartphones?

Specifications of Nokia 808 Pure View

Nokia 808 Pure View has been loaded with so many exciting features which put this smartphone far ahead than other smartphones. The interesting thing here is that the pure view name of this phone has come from the new pure view technology for photo capturing which is introduced first time in the world by Nokia.

Design of Nokia 808 Pure View

  • Whenever we decide to buy a smartphone the first thing which comes in our mind is the design of the phone. Nokia 808 Pure View doesn’t disappoint us on this ground as it has a very sleeky and eye catching design.
  • The phone has dimensions of 123.9x60.2x13.9 mm with a weight of 169 gm. which means that this phone will not be either too small or too large. In other words, Nokia 808 pure view is a perfect phone for everyone on the basis of dimensions.
  • The Nokia 808 Pure View has AMOLED capacitive touch screen with a size of 4 inches. AMOLED is a newly most advanced display technology for the touch phones which ensures best visibility.
  • This phone has 16,777,216 colours which mean you will not miss a single colour of your picture in Nokia 808 pure view.
  • The screen has a widescreen aspect ratio of 16:9 with screen height and width of 640x340 pixels.
  • Although the phone is completely in touch form but you will also find hardware keys for Camera, menu, call and clear application keys, volume, power and lock keys which makes your smartphone more user friendly. Nokia 808 Pure View also offers you alphanumeric keypad as well as QWERTY keypad.

Camera of the Nokia 808 Pure View

Photography with Nokia 808 Pure View -Now, let’s talk about the most talked feature of this phone. Nokia 808 pure view is loaded with 41 megapixel camera which has Carl Zeiss optics. All of the professional cameras have this Carl Zeiss optics or simply lenses.

The camera has also provided with face detection technology along with the xenon flash. Camera of Nokia 808 pure view is also provided with Geo-tagging and face detection features which make our experience of photography really memorable.


Had you ever imagined that one day there will be a smartphone with 41 MP Camera? Honestly speaking, I never.

Video capturing with Nokia 808 Pure View -

Video capturing is also a smooth experience with this new phone from the Nokia. The phone offers HD video capturing with a frame rate of 30fps. With the 4x video zoom you can capture the wonderful moments by sitting in a far distant comfortable place.

Also, live streaming from the You Tube and video editing software adds colours to your video capturing experience.

Hardware features of Nokia 808 Pure View

The Nokia 808 pure view is loaded with powerful 1.3 GHz processor. It simply means that this phone will never let you done on ground of processing.

Memory of the Nokia 808 Pure View - Phone is given an internal memory of 16 GB which is sufficient to store your all the necessary data. But, still if you are not satisfied with this much of memory then you can expand it up to a total of 48 GB.

Connectivity features of Nokia 808 Pure View - In the present fast going world it has become mandatory for us to be connected with internet to keep pace with fast moving world. Nokia 808 pure view don’t let you on this ground also; it offers you 3G connectivity, Bluetooth support and connectivity through Wi Fi.

Battery power of Nokia 808 Pure View – Maximum GSM standby time of the phone is 465 hrs (approx. 9 days) with 2G talk time of 11 hrs. This means you don’t have to charge your battery every now and then if you have the Nokia 808 Pure View.

Maximum 3H standby tie of the phone is 540 hrs along with 6.5 hrs of talk time with 3g network. So, overall I am impressed with the battery performance of the phone.

Music and audio features of Nokia 808 Pure View

Nokia 808 pure view is provided with default music player of the Nokia which supports MPEG-4, MP3, WMA and DRM codecs of the music files. Nokia 808 Pure View also offers you high quality AMR voice recording.

As like in other smartphones of Nokia we can also expect from Nokia 808 pure view that it will offer us wide range of features in its music player.

Other peculiar features of Nokia 808 Pure View -

  • Along with above features Nokia 808 Pure View also offering you some quite handy features to you which further enhances our trust over the brand Nokia. Lets also ponder our eyes on these features also-
  • Nokia 808 Pure View has Symbian belle operating system which is latest from the Symbian and most safe and user friendly.
  • This phone comes along with a dedicated graphic processor and 3D image engine which means you can also enjoy high memory 3D games with your Nokia 808 Pure View.
  • Nokia 808 Pure View also supports all the major IM applications like yahoo, GTalk, MySpace, AIM, Windows Live Messenger and Nokia Chat. So with this phone you can remain connected with all your friends when you are on a go.
  • Nokia also have GPS feature so you can’t be lost in the city any more when you have your Nokia 808 Pure View in your hand.

Price of Nokia 808 Pure View

The expected price of Nokia 808 Pure View in India is approx. INR 30,000 while it is expected to hit the Indian market May or June this year.

In Europe, price of this phone is set as 450 Euros whereas in US it priced somewhere around $350. With so many peculiar features and especially with 41 MP camera we can spend this much money on this money. After all, we are also given the trust and bond of the brand Nokia along Nokia 808 Pure View.

Last but not the least, now it will be very interesting to see that how the other smartphone manufacturers like Apple, Samsung, Blackberry, HTC etc. will respond to this huge step taken by the Nokia in term of technology. Also, this phone has caused some headache to the digital cameras manufacturers as till date we don’t have any such camera with so much resolution.

So, it will be interesting to watch that how far this phone will be go in the market? I am expecting it to be a big hit. What about you? Please feel free to give your comments over this new revolution of Nokia.


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    • Ogunfeitimi Tobi profile image

      Ogunfeitimi Tobi 5 years ago

      this post are amazing

    • amanthkr01 profile image

      Aman Thakur 5 years ago from India

      Samsung Galaxy S2 is slimmer than Nokia 808 pure view by approximately 4.5 mm. If you are planning to choose from these two phones then I recommend you Nokia 808 pure view.

      As, Nokia 808 pure view has battery life along with the 48 GB memory which is 16 GB more than the Samsung Galaxy S2. Also, the 41 MP camera is also an exciting feature of Nokia 808 pure view as compared to 8 MP of galaxy s2.

    • profile image

      Gaurav. 5 years ago

      Is nokia 808 pure view slimmer than samsung galaxy s2??

      Which should i opt for between these two??