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Review of Shadowgun: Android Essentials

Updated on June 2, 2012

Author's Note:

This is a summary review. See the links below for an in depth review.

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Shadowgun is a third person shooter of the "duck and cover variety". Similar in game play style to the Gears of War series, the game has its positives and negatives, but over all is a good shooter game to play for the casual and advanced gamer alike. Priced at $4.99 through the Amazon Appstore and Google Play Store, this Gameloft title is a good addition to any smart phone or tablet gaming library.

Story & Graphics

This is the real strong point of this game! The story is a strong aspect of the game and really draws you in. If you are a fan of sci-fi like stories this is the game for you. Even if you're not, the story combined with the action does add to the allure of this game.

The other great aspect of this game is the graphics! Whether on a phone, midsized or large tablet you will enjoy vivid environments with excellent console quality detail.


While the game does have some slow spots, the story line does a lot to smooth this out. The bad guys can get a but repetitive at times, but this only happened once or twice during the game. The cover system is well developed. Also, if you choose to use a Bluetooth or USB remote (the second in compatible devices such as the Transformer series with laptop dock) this allows the game to act less a like a duck and cover since moving around is a bit easier. Still, the touch screen control work well enough for game play.

Mini puzzles and obstacles also add to the game making it interesting and keeping the story and game moving forward.


During the game you can find and collect Shadowgun skulls that unlock additional bonus levels. The game also includes a free expansion titled "The Leftovers" that picks up the story where the first game kicks off. "The Leftovers" offers additional bad guys you can fight as well as more Shadowgun skulls you can find to unlock still further levels. Gameloft has really given the player a lot of bang for their buck considering. With bonus levels and the expansion this game gives a lot for the price of a Subway sandwich sans taxes. Unless you are in California or other states that collect online taxes, this purchase will cost less than a sandwich.

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Unlock secrets and solve puzzles along the way.Duck and cover!And pop up to shoot the bad guys!That is one big boss.More puzzles.An obsticle. A sonar mine. It's kind of fun to play chicken with.Change the touchscreen settings or set up a controller in the settings.Customize a control to how you like it.
Unlock secrets and solve puzzles along the way.
Unlock secrets and solve puzzles along the way.
Duck and cover!
Duck and cover!
And pop up to shoot the bad guys!
And pop up to shoot the bad guys!
That is one big boss.
That is one big boss.
More puzzles.
More puzzles.
An obsticle. A sonar mine. It's kind of fun to play chicken with.
An obsticle. A sonar mine. It's kind of fun to play chicken with.
Change the touchscreen settings or set up a controller in the settings.
Change the touchscreen settings or set up a controller in the settings.
Customize a control to how you like it.
Customize a control to how you like it.

Final Verdict

Over all I would give this game a solid 4 out of 5 stars. It draws both the eye and the mind with it's vivid story and graphics. There are points during the game where it does slow down, but I have played top selling games (such as the Halo franchise) that move a lot slower in places. This game is a good match Android tablets, especially for the Kindle Fire. I would also suggest it for dual core smart phones.


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