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Review of the Apple ipad 2

Updated on August 24, 2011

Apple ipad 2 Review

As tablet computers go, Apple claim to be ahead of the game, with the launch of the new Apple ipad 2. Being lighter and thinner and more usable than the original Apple ipad, it has also over taken rivals Samsung, Motorola and RIM. If you liked the first Apple ipad you will definitely want to get your hands on the Apple ipad 2.

The Apple ipad 2 stands at 241mm tall, 186mm wide and is only 8.6mm thick, making it thinner than the original Apple ipad. It is alot easier to use and hold than the Apple ipad as it has a new curved edge, also giving it a sleek look. And weighing in at 680g, it is alot lighter than the first ipad, and other rival tablets, which again, makes it easier to use and hold.

The Apple ipad 2 comes with a new "smart cover" which removes smudges and finger prints from the screen, which are unavoidable while using the tablet. This is a nice touch and gets rid of the need for a cover.

Another thing that sets the Apple ipad 2 apart from other tablets and also the first ipad, is the speed. If you like to browse the internet and download applications, the Apple ipad 2 can do it twice as quickly as the first ipad, making it more enjoyable to use.

When the first Apple ipad came out there were masses of complaints regarding the lack of a camera, so of course, Apple have included 2 cameras on the Apple ipad 2. It has a rear and a front camera that takes pictures and videos, and also enable you to use the FaceTime application, which is basically video calling. This is compatible with those who have a Mac, iphone 4, ipod touch or ipad 2. Unfortunately the quality of the pictures aren't sharp, and let the otherwise great graphic quality down. It is still usable though, and can be alot of fun, using applications such as iMovie and Photo Booth. Just don't expect top notch quality pictures and videos.

Although the ipad 2 is faster with better quality graphics than the original ipad, the long-life battery is certainly one of it's best features, offering up to 10 hours of use, although it does take a long time to charge once drained. With a range of fun and interesting applications that are available to download, super fast internet browsing, and the video and camera function, the Apple ipad 2 will definitely keep you busy, and the long life battery is much needed.

If you like your Apple ipad you will definitely love the ipad 2. With better graphics and picture quality, faster downloading and internet browsing, lighter and easier to use, longer battery life, cameras, and video calling, the ipad 2 is certainly at the top of the range of tablets. The applications available are multiplying by the second, you can choose from puzzles to games, from music making to movie making, there are applications for everything and anything, you can plan your life on your ipad 2! It's a great accessory to have, and if you are after a tablet that offers pretty much everything and more than a laptop, then I would definitely recommend the Apple ipad 2.

The Apple ipad 2 unveiled


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