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Review of the Nexus 6. 3 Years later.

Updated on July 26, 2016


This is one of the nicest looking phones I've ever seen. It doesn't look great in the pictures, like other high end phones do.
But, in person, the color of the back is mesmerising. The flat blue is the perfect shade and in good sunlight, I can't stop looking at it.
The material they use is PolyCarbonate which doesn't have the wow factor you get from metal or glass,
it's smooth to the touch, but nothing special.
It is good enough and a lot better than regular plastic.
Unfortunately, it isn't very smudge resistant and fingerprints do end up all over the back.

This phone is really well designed!
The back curved is common these day, but top is a little heavier than the bottom, and thicker too.
It bulges in the center and thins out at the bottom.
It feels light in your hand after a few days of using it because of just how well designed it is.
And my previous phone was an iPhone 5 which weighed a full 62 grams less!
It's a little uncomfortable to use with one hand, but you can still send out a few texts in a pinch.


The phones running a Snapdragon 805 which doesn't sound like much to the people who follow tech
But may sound high end to regular consumers.
I've been using this phone a week now and I have no complaints with the performance.
Everything is buttery smooth and apps open up with close to no load times.
What's even better is the huge chunk of RAM, 3 gigabytes of it!
It keeps all my frequently used apps permamnently open and opens them with close to no lag.
This is the smoothest android I've ever owned. The fact that it runs pure Android makes it means it never slows down even when you're pushing 17 tabs on Chrome.
All my previous phones would lag when I scorll through my whatsapp contacts, but this doesn't even stutter.

It does have a few problems though. When you're riding the processor hard, the phone does get warm.
It cools down quickly enough
But apps are slow to load for a short time due to the thermal throttling.


The most attractive feature is definitely the it's display.
It's got a AMOLED, 1440 by 2560 2k display with 493 pixels per inch.
To put that in perspective, every single iPhone, from the 3 and a half inch 4 to the 4 inch 5 to the 5 and a half inch 6 plus has only 326ppi.
The screen is fantastic. The colors are a little oversaturated, but it takes very little time to get used to it, and all the other phones seem to be washed out after.
The high resolution means that text is incredibly sharp and I can read for a really long time with close to no discomfort.
The size makes it more practical than my iPad, so I barely use it anymore.

I do wish the onscreen controls would disappear when I'm browsing the web on Chrome or using twitter.
Speaking of which, I'm not the biggest fan of on screen controls as it does take up valuable real estate.
The least Google could have done is allow us to choose which apps we want it in like we can in CyanogenMod.
I definitely would choose a larger lower bezel with capacitive touch buttons though.


This phone is rocking not one but two speakers
One up here and one down here
I think they're pretty loud, but at the max the sound does get distorted
I must say that I have been spolit by the fantstic on board speaker of my iPhone 5
The sound is a lot richer, but it isn't as loud as the Nexus.
That makes the Nexus a better choice for watching movies, and YouTube videos
The headphone jack is a lot better on the Nexus though.
It get's louder and the quality of the sound seems to be a little better too!


The phone has a massive 3220mAh battery, with QuickCharge 2.0 and Qi wireless charging.
Iis shipped with Motorolas fast charger.
The charger is a bit bulky, but it has to be when it tops out at 2.7Amps.

I use my phone a lot, and the extra 30% of charge I get in a mere 15 minutes is awesome.
I have serious low battery anxiety which means that I start freaking out when the battery is near 20%.
Under light use, the phone easily makes it through the day and should be good enough for most of you.

When I use the fast charger though, the phone does get quite warm.
Warm enough for me to use my old 1Amp charger through the night.


So what do I think of the phone? Considering the fact that it isn't available for purchase in most places, and is selling out fast where it is,
I'm probably adressing the bargain finders looking for deals on Craigslist.
To them i would say, go for it. I'm sure you'll get a great deal on the phone and the only comparable phone is the Motorola X Pure which is only a little bit
more expensive, but has a smaller IPS screen and a slightly newer processor. On paper it's almost impossible to pick between the two, and it's going to come
down to personal preference if you're lucky enough to have had your hands on both of them.

I went with the Nexus because it has more onboard storage for less, and I sit at a desk most of the time, so the extra bulk of the 6 inch display seemed to be a
good trade off at the time. And i think I made the right choice.

After using the Moto X Pure for a few days, I thought my mind would be changed because it has a better processor and a more manageable size, but the feel of the perfectly designed Nexus in my hand and the superior display made me go back to the behemoth in a heartbeat.


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