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Review of the Best Earbuds under 50 dollars

Updated on April 6, 2015

Best earbud brands under 50 dollars

I have carefully selected the best earbud brands that currently are on the market of portable audio technology. The selection is not solely based on the price of under $50, but quality, design and comfort. Being under $50 means that the the price is well balanced with efficiency and quality.

Sound Quality : The main thing about selecting in ear earphones is sound quality. So, you can clearly listen to your favorite music and make calls without being disturbed. I have found the best noise canceling earbuds. But, finding the best is not a simple chore to do. The most particular criteria is the driver size. Proper driver sizes that are able to consistently perform high quality audio are from 8mm size and above.

Design, Portability and Comfort : Sony, MediaDevil, Sennheiser and Alpatronix are the most know brands of earphones. Thus, their design and portability are on the focus. These brands take care and are very serious when it comes to their image. Also, comfort is yet another important criteria. Sometimes I have a hard time with earbuds because they do not fit very well in my ears. They might hurt a little bit or fall off unexpectedly. But, you will not have troubles with these specially designed ergonomic ear pads.

Media Devil Artisanphonics EB-01 premium wood earphones

MediaDevil has crafted one of the most excellent in-ear earphones. These earbuds deliver a great sound experience with zero noise and 100% comfort for a price of $39.97. You will not hear anything else beside your favorite music. The drivers are configured in a way to produce powerful sounds and vibrant bass. EB-01 type is the perfect earphone for anyone who practices long hours of training, walks or frequently hit's the gym.

They are made of premium high quality wood. This is a recycled fine wood taken from very expensive furniture. The cord is 1.2m and is made of reinforced kevlar. It is a very strong cord and it has really no chance of breaking. A great thing about the cord itself is that can be easily tangled or untagled. Due to it's braided fabric cable outer.

Another important feature of the MediaDevil EB-01 is the integrated microphone. That has an in-line click button for answering and receiving calls. The microphone has a noise canceling device and makes your voice very clear to listen, even though you use it outdoors or in a crowded place. But also provides a very easy to use music player. So, you can play/pause, increase and decrease volume and change tracks.

For any smartphone with android OS/apple user I suggest to download a sound app. Because there aren't any separate controls. The remote has only one button which controls the volume using the app. This you can synchronize your device for better sound experience.

"The package includes the earphones with replacement cushion, the delivery box, and the carrying bag."

Review of the best earbuds under 50 dollars

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Mediadevil earphones5 ways to tie up your earphonesMediadevil leather smartphone pouch
Mediadevil earphones
Mediadevil earphones | Source
5 ways to tie up your earphones
5 ways to tie up your earphones | Source
Mediadevil leather smartphone pouch
Mediadevil leather smartphone pouch | Source

How much do you rate these earbuds

4.5 out of 5 stars from 2 ratings of MediaDevil earphones

Alpatronix EX120 tangle free in ear headphones

The Alpatronix EX120 are one step ahead of the game compared to other types of earbud. For the moment, they are on a sale and cost around $19.95 if you hurry and purchase them online. What I like about them is that they have featured a one button hands free for answering calls while driving or biking and easily skipping music tracks. The overall sound experience is pretty good. I mean that the high sound is sufficiently loud, the bass is quite acceptable and the treble is fine. The newly manufactured EX120 have a zinc alloy housing which perfectly resonates in all audio frequencies. These in-ear headphones feature a built-in subwoofer, that offer a very loud and clear sound with an enhanced bass experience.

The greatest thing about these earbuds is the noise isolating feature and the tangle resistant flat cable. It's "Universal" one button control makes it easier to connect with different types of mp3 players, smartphones, laptop, tablets, desktop computers etc. The usability of the alpatronix could not get easier than this.

The right fit for your earbud is crucial to a good sound production. The package includes three different sizes of buds, so it will comfortably fit any type of ear. Alpatronix costumer support offers a full one-year warranty, and a 100% costumer satisfaction guarantee. The fact that it has a full year of warranty tells that the brand is pretty serious and they know what thay are doing. More specific details of these earbuds are shown below.

High performance sound

Built-in microphone

Tangle resistant flat cable

Zinc alloy housing

Cable length : 3.3 feet

Frequency range : 20Hz - 20,000Hz

3.5 mm gold - plated audio jack

Enhanced precision bass with built in subwoofer

Comparison table of the earphones.

Technical Specs
MediaDevil Artisanphonics
Wooden earbuds, kevlar cord 1.2m long, integrated mic
Sony MDRXB50AP Extra Bass
12mm dome type driver, hybrid silicone earbuds, microphone
Sennheiser CX 275 S Universal Mobile Headset
high powered dynamic drivers, 3.5 mm headphone jack, mic included, 2-year warranty, tangle free cord
Comparison table of the three best earbuds under 50 dollars. Technical Specifications which include sound quality, weight, comfort, design etc. and the price.

Sony Extra Bass Earbud headset

The Sony MDR-XB50AP is the perfect companion for you and your smartphone. Everything is wonderful about these earphones except for the price of $37.99, which is fairly high. These sony earbud look fantastic and come in three different colors Black, Red and Blue. But, the color selection is not the only strong point of these earphones. In fact, they include specially designed drivers in each earbud for better sound quality.

The 12mm dome type driver delivers a deep and powerful bass for innovate music listeners. If you are a dupstep fan, I have to mention that the sound experience will be amazing and very profound. Really the boost of the so called extra bass is going to totally blow your mind.

The package says "Bass" but that is not all of it. This is because they can perfectly deliver also the mid-high frequencies. The tightly sealed acoustic design enables high performance and noise canceling earbuds property. They are very good for gaming too. You can hear practically anything and even notice the direction of the sound. But, I would not suggest you to purchase them only for long gaming sessions. If you are a lot into gaming and like to spend hours on your favorite videogames I would recommend you a nice pair of Turtle Beach Ear Force 400 headset.

The Sony earphones are built with hybrid silicone cushion for secure fit. They provide much more comfort compared to other types of earphones. The human ear is very sensitive and it needs soft cushions to protect from the earbuds metal. Another part of the earbuds is the integrated microphone with noise canceling feature. It is very comfortable to take and receive calls. You will not be disturbed by background noises. And the person at the other side will hear you very clearly. Also the smartphone playback control enables you to take control of your music from your smartphone or other device.

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ear bud protectionEar Phones image Earbuds image
ear bud protection
ear bud protection | Source
Ear Phones image
Ear Phones image | Source
Earbuds image
Earbuds image | Source

WolVol earphones, LED flashing lights earbuds

The WolVol earphones are the final choice of my list of the best earbuds for under 50 dollars. If you have come so far reading this article it means that you might be looking for something out of ordinary. In fact there is a strong reason I have listed the WolVol with LED flashing lights earbud. Not only for it fairly low price but even for its wonderful look and design. This is a brand new style or earphones that I am sure you have never seen or tried before.

This particular product is available in light blue color that syncs with the beat of the music. And you can simply activate the luminous cord of the earbud by pressing the middle button for three seconds. The earphones are equipped with a 3.5 mm plug that is compatible with virtually any kind of music player. Basically you can listen and make people stare at you at the same time. Also it comes with an inline microphone that is can support hand free talking.

Even though the WolVol earbud look splendid and quite catchy I must say, they do not have very high standard of music performance. If you are an audio addicted person do not expect too much from them. But, if you are a fashion addicted person then prepare the credit card and get ready.

Sony Extra Bass Earbuds Review

Your experience with Sony

Have you ever used before Sony mdr xb50ap extra bass earbud headset ?

See results

Sennheiser CX 275 S earbuds mobile Headset

The Seinheiser CX 275 S Universal Mobile Headset delivers a unique sound experience that cost around $44.55 if purchased online. This is made possible by the high powered dynamic drivers. They deliver sound on a wide range of frequency approximately from 17 to 23,000 Hz. And support almost any kind of device Operating System like Andoid, RIM, Windows and iOS. They are perfect for mobile devices like smartphones.

The design is absolutely great, although they are not easily noticed. Seinheiser include integrated in-liner smart remote so you can easily play/pause and skip tracks. With the smart remote you can manage your music player, make and receive calls. The mic provides ambient noise attenuation (noise canceling mic).

These earbuds are easily individualized when you purchase them. So you can find the right fit for your ear. There are three different sizes of ear cushions and earbuds that you can selact from. With the earbuds you will receive a two year warranty included in the price.

The package includes:

-The CX 275 S Universal headset

-Adaptor cable

-Storage pouch

-Ear adaptor set

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zenpods molded earbudsear phones ear attatchmentSeinheiser mobile headset
zenpods molded earbuds
zenpods molded earbuds | Source
ear phones ear attatchment
ear phones ear attatchment | Source
Seinheiser mobile headset
Seinheiser mobile headset | Source

Black on Red Premium High Stereo dual earbuds

The Black on Red earphones are probably the least expensive high performing earbuds that you might find. In fact, they cost only $14 online. And, as the name implies these earbuds have a black on red design. The package comes with only one choice of color which is black on red. But the ergonomic design and color is not the only thing special about these earbuds.

Some of the features include gold plated 3.5 mm headset jack, tangle-free cable, in-line microphone and an 8 mm driver. In the title, it specifies that the Black on Red earbuds are made for Google Nexus LG but they can be perfectly used on other devices.

They deliver very high sound quality, which is made possible by the integrated 8 mm driver. These earbuds create an amazing sound experience with high quality bass without the need of any battery. And with the noise isolating feature the sound and call quality will be even more elevated. You will shut out the other noisy unpleasant everyday sounds once you put them on. I strongly suggest you to use them with your smartphone, tablet, laptop etc.

Even though you do not have any color choice, they are more than worth the price. The package of the Black on Red Premium High Stereo Performance includes also users manual, three different changeable earbuds.

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