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Review of the huawei ideos s7 tablet

Updated on February 27, 2011

Recently picked this tablet up from Best Buy while visiting the U.S for $250.00! So impressed I had to write a review as the reviews I have read online do not do this tablet justice.

Screen: 720p resolution which looks amazing, you tube looks great as well. The screen is pressure sensitive and not light sensitive. The tip of the fingernail produces amazing response and perfect accuracy, Angry Birds is very responsive. However using your fingertips can prove to be frustrating. The Qwerty key pad is large enough to type on the same way you would any PC.

Build Quality: Super tough, I have already dropped it a few times from about 3 feet of the ground and no sign of damage yet. Sturdy device and at 500 grams feels solid in the hands.

Battery: Depending on what you are doing the battery can last around 3 hours of use with a bright screen setting and wi-fi on. Turn down the brightness and wi-fi off and you can get about 5 hours of use. Standby time on the tablet uses next to nothing when it comes to battery use. Approx 2% loss of battery per hour on standby.

Android: Comes with a flavor of Android 2.1 which I very much enjoy. The navigation menu provides more screens than you need however navigation may be done through swiping or tabs located at the bottom of the screen. The Snapdragon processor is extremely fast for web browsing, 3g, wi-fi etc. This tablet has made my HTC Magic phone now feel painfully slow. Furthermore Huawei will be releasing an Android 2.2 upgrade this month which I am very much looking forward to.

Memory: The S7 comes with 8 gigs of memory on a internal SD card. I didn't know this until after I purchased the tablet, very nice surprise. As well the tablet has a micro SD slot so that you may further increase the amount of storage within the device.

Sim Card Slot: The main reason I purchased this tablet was for this reason. I was able to take the Sim card out of my rogers phone and put it into the tablet and it worked no problem. Finally my 3g is fast from rogers! I had no idea it was my phone before. Phone calls sound great and I can read google news on the bus no problem.

GPS: The GPS works great especially with Google maps, live traffic etc. All very fast.

Cameras: The S7 has a front and rear facing 2mp cameras. In good lighting the cameras work surprisingly well for 2mp.

Speakers: Very loud and clear, the S7 has two speakers located at either side which produce great sound.

Headphones: The S7 comes with headphones (which sound good) that have a button on the wire. Press the button and your music will instantly start or stop. You can also press the button to answer a call.

Processor: The tablet has a 1Ghz processor, Android 2.1 runs amazingly smooth.

Kickstand: At first this may not seem like a big deal but it really is. This is great for standing the table up if you are using it lying down in bed or just want to have it facing you while at your desk. Very convenient and much appreciated feature.

Android: Come with Android 2.1 but a upgrade will be available to Froyo 2.2 This month.  Very excited as 2.2 shows increased battery life in most devices when upgraded

All in all this is an amazing tablet especially for the price. If you do end up getting this tablet and currently have a rogers plan here is some additional info just for you.

How to set up 3g for Rogers: In order for your 3g data to work on the S7 find your APN settings and enter the following.

Name: Rogers
Username: wapuser
Password: wap
MCC: 302
MNC: 72 (If that doesn't work try 720, its already filled in, leave it at what it is) Leave the rest blank.

Your data should now be working.

Not to sure why you can't buy this tablet in Canada. But I imagine if you could Rogers or Bell would not like the idea of someone being able to get there hands on an unlocked Android device for $250.00.


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    • godbyj profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago

      In response to your first question all I do is simply plug the Ideos s7 into your pc. Next you will notice a notification appear in the top right corner of the S7. It will ask you if you would like to mount your internal SD card. Select this notification and your card will mount accordingly. If you have an secondary card inserted you will see 2 notifications. Repeat steps accordingly to add the other card as a removable drive.

      In regards to utilizing the drivers maybe you installed something which was UK specific and not North American. Follow this;

      1.Install the driver which can be downloaded from ( 2.Or you can visit the website,>Products&Solutions->Home device->Tablet Products->Ideos Tablet S7->Download->huaweis7_usbdriver

      In regards to your second question the S7 supports up to 16gb so it should handle your 8gb card no problem. I believe this is just a micro sd card formatting issue. When you pop in the SD card you should see a notification saying you have inserted a card and/or need to format it to work. If this isn’t happening you can format the card by;

      Insert micro-SD card ->Settings ->SD Card & Table storage ->Unmount SD card ->Format SD card. Note :It will erase all of your Micro-SD data.

      If this still does not fix your issue I recommend trying the SD card in another device in order to see if it’s a working sd card. Or perhaps the SD card driver is faulty on your ideos S7.

      Hope this helps!

    • profile image


      8 years ago


      I've been trawling through the web looking for an answer and came across your posting. Our stories are very similar - I was in the US two weeks ago (I'm from the UK) and bought this device in Best Buy for $270 - and I think it is great. But I do have a few problems.

      First of all I can't get it to connect to my PC - I have tried XP and Windows 7 but no luck. I have downloaded the USB driver but still doesn't seem to work - am I missing something?

      Also - I bought an 8GB Micro SD card - File manager on the S7 sees the card (and the files) but I can't get any of the applications to access it. Again - am I missing something?

      I would be so grateful if you could help.



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