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Review on the Step Set Go Mobile App

Updated on April 10, 2020

I was recommended the mobile app, StepSetGo, by a colleague of mine and I have been in love with this step tracker ever since. The app is available on the Android Play Store and is a free app for anyone to download in India. All you need is a valid email id and phone number to register and create an account.

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StepSetGo AppBazaar in StepSetGo App
StepSetGo App
StepSetGo App | Source
Bazaar in StepSetGo App
Bazaar in StepSetGo App | Source

What makes this app different from other apps?

This app motivates you to walk every day. It gives you points in the form of SSG coins. For every 1000 steps, the app rewards you with 1 SSG coin. These coins can be then used to purchase things and deals, like iPhone XR, a Smart Fossil Watch among various others.

These coins can be redeemed at what is called the BAZAAR, which is also a part of the app itself.

The Levels in the App

There is a daily limit on the number of coins that you can be rewarded in a day depending on which level you are on. Currently, there are 5 levels in the app.

Below is a structure of how many points you can collect based on the level:

Level 1 - A maximum of 2 SSG coins

Level 2 - A maximum of 5 SSG coins

Level 3 - A maximum of 10 SSG coins

Level 4 - A maximum of 15 SSG coins

Level 5 - A maximum of 20 SSG coins

To upgrade to another level, one needs to reach the minimum limit of that level for 3 days in a row. For example, if I am at LEVEL 1, to upgrade, I need to walk a minimum of 2000 steps for 3 consecutive days to upgrade to LEVEL 2. Once I am on the next level, I could also get demoted to the previous level in case I do not reach a threshold number of steps of that level.

Other Ways to Earn SSG Coins in the App

Apart from walking you can earn more coins in the following ways:

  • Inviting people – The app lets you invite your buddies to join the app. Every time your friend joins the app and completes 5000 steps, you get 5 coins. You can earn up to 100 SSG coins per month, which means you can invite 20 friends in a month and earn points.
  • Daily Rewards – This section allows you to earn a total of 5 coins daily by watching ads. Every ad watched equals 1 coin, and so you can watch a maximum of 5 ads in a day.

My View of the App

The app helps you set a goal in terms of rewards and deals and this motivates you to walk and stay fit. If you do not complete the threshold number of steps of that level, there is always a danger of getting demoted. This motivates you to go more, just to avoid getting demoted. You can also follow your friends, so as to see where you stand in terms of the number of steps covered in a week.

I would give the app a rating of 4.5 out of 5.

Here are some advantages and disadvantages according to me:


  • If you need motivation like me to walk, it does a great job at motivating a person. The risk of demoting and the advantage of upgrading to a higher level to get more points is a great way to motivate you to walk.
  • Once, you reach the minimum coins required to purchase something, you can redeem the coins for an item or a deal.
  • It has a good user interface.
  • It is very easy to use and understand.
  • You can further get motivated by adding friends on the app and compete with them to rank higher in terms of steps.
  • If you walk outdoors, you can earn 1.25 times, which means one only needs to walk for 800 steps for 1 SSG coin.


  • If you don’t have Internet connectivity, the steps are not registered and you will not be able to earn those coins.

Overall, I think one should definitely give it a try. This app has been motivating me to stay fit, to keep walking and tracking my activity to balance my steps. You get rewarded for walking with a bonus of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

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    • KnowYourThings profile image


      13 months ago

      The article helped me understand how to be motivated to be fit and make best use of the application.

      Thanks for explaining each aspect so deeply. It is very helpful.


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