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Ringback Tones Versus Ringtones

Updated on April 3, 2010


Caller tunes and Answer tones and ringback tones-Oh my! This customizable feature for one’s cell phone has become one of the most popular mobile features available.  And, regardless of what a cell phone provider calls them –Answer tones or Caller Tones-customers are eager to browse the web for the latest or most popular sound. Matter of fact, studies show that nearly 300 million or 80% of cell phone owners have ringback tones on their phone.

Ringbacks vs. Ringtones

Ringback tones differ from ringtones in a variety ways. These differences are what make the ringbacks one of the best ways for mobile phone providers to make extra money.

  1. Ringtones are songs heard by others when a call is received; ringback tones are the songs, media clips, celebrity greetings, etc. heard by the caller in place of the traditional ringing.
  2. Ringtones only bring revenue to companies when mobile phone users download their music selection. Ringback tones mean a download charge as well as the monthly charge for usage.
  3. Ringback tones are maintained by the cellular phone network; ringtones are managed by the actual cell phone user.
  4. Ringbacks are limited only by how much storage space a network has so ringback tone users can have an abundance of features and media selections; ringtones are limited by the cell phone space.
  5. Ringback tones can be customized to have a personal message for each caller, time of day, weekday, etc.; ringtones have less versatility.

Simply put, ringback tones are a bigger business than ringtones because they are available to the mobile phone provider’s entire customer base, offer more control and have more special features. Ringback tones are definitely going to be around a while. Take some time to peruse the many choices and download the ringback tones perfect for your phone.

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