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Ringback Tones: The Sound of Music

Updated on August 21, 2009

Ringback tones and you.

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Make your cell phone as unique as you are.
Make your cell phone as unique as you are.
Make your cell phone as unique as you are.


In the rapidly changing pace of today, it isn’t just the hills that are alive with the sound of music. Rather, we can have music playing on/from almost anything that can be imagined. And not only can the music be played, but we can design our own playlist, mix our sound bytes or download whatever we choose so we can have our own unique music. One way we have made music more visible is by adding it our mobile phones through services like the Verizon ringback tones or with personalized ringtones.

A scant few years ago, terms like ringtones (the sound heard when someone calls you) and ringback tone were unheard of. However, when Verizon began looking for a new way to increase profits, phone personalization and popularity, the results-especially with the younger generation-showed a great deal of interest in ringback tones (the sounds heard by the caller while for their call to be answered). As a result, the ringback tone soon became a standard available feature. Today, other companies are offering ringback tones under names like Caller Tunes or Answer Tones.

An interesting fact concerning ringback tones is that according to a poll performed by M:Metrics it was found that the number of cell phone users who reported utilizing ringback tones increased by 69% from February 2008 to February 2009. In addition, the study showed that the popularity of ringback tones is one of the fastest growing trends in the communications market.

Ringback tones can be found for virtually every genre of music, as well as movie sound clips, celebrity greetings or even using programs like Ringdroid or Ventones to create your own sounds. You can find the ringback tones either on your cell provider’s website or on sites like Once you have selected your ringback tone(s), you can set ringback tones options like specific times of a day a ringback tone is used, days of the week, of even based on who is calling.

Keep in mind that, like extra minutes on your cell phone plan, it does cost to have ringback tones. Depending on how many ringback tones you have, and your cell provider costs may charge for ringback tones on a “per tone charge” to bundled rates for groups of ringback tones. Typically, usage cost is charged on the monthly bill.

So, is your cell phone “alive with the sounds of ringback tones”? If not, why not go online and fin the sounds you love? You’re sure to find a few!


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