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Rinsing Important for Clean Parts

Updated on August 11, 2011

Two Stage Wash Rinse Washer

Rinsing for Powder Coating

Rinsing is Part of Washing in Power Coating

In preparation of metal surfaces for powder coating, rinsing is an important step. We know that success of applying paint is totally dependent on the preparation of the surface on which it is applied.

Most aqueous cleaning of metal surfaces begins with a wash cycle using an alkaline detergent. In a recirculating jet spray cabinet the wash water is reused and thus becomes more contaminated as the cycles continue. This makes rinsing an important step to remove any contaminates left on the metal surface from wash water. To help insure a pure rinse water companies will elect to use a fresh water rinse rather than recirculation.

Many times an additional step of using a phosphate solution will follow primary cleaning and rinsing. The second rinse is then used after the phosphatizing step. This rinse will remove any contaminates that might exist in the phosphate solution.

Once completed, and the metal is dry, the coating being applied is more apt to bond tightly to the clean properly prepared surfaces.

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Stainless Steel 2 Stage Parts Washer


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