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Ripping CDs Using Widows Media Player

Updated on May 15, 2010

Pictures 1,2,3,4,5

Ripping CDs using Windows Media Player is very easy. Start by inserting the CD into your CD drive.

You will be prompted to select one of many options; one of them should be Rip Your CD. (Picture 1)

Click on that and Windows Media Player will open.

Another way to start if the options do not show is by starting Windows Media Player and then click on the Rip tab.

One you see the list of songs from the CD click on the arrow under Rip and then you will be presented with audio formats. The most common one is MP3. (Pictures 2, 3)

Select MP3 and then click on Bit Rate, and select Best Quality. (Picture 4)

When done, click on Start Rip

Once Media Player is done then you will have your CD ripped as MP3 format on your hard drive.

If you go to options by clicking on the arrow under rip and then select more options, you will be able to change the location of where the music is being ripped. (Picture 5)

Check this link  to see how you can burn audio CDs using Windows Media Player.


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