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Road Mice Wireless Car Mouse

Updated on January 28, 2015

Original Road Mice products are the licensed Optical Wireless Computer Mice that are featured with very uniquely designed replicas of automobiles. The functionality of the computer mice, together with the automobile design is what they are offering the market. All Road Mice Optical Wireless Computer Mice comes with fully lighting head lights and created with smooth and shiny finishes to create a very realistic and pragmatic feel and look to computer savvies. With Road Mice, you can take the seat, buckle up, and enjoy the road mice ride as we will cruise the web with style. Here is a description of each of the 12 different car mice featured by Road Mice.

No, Not This...


1) Dodge Challenger Wireless Optical Mouse in Black

One product they have is the Black Dodge Challenger Wireless Optical Computer Mouse. The item is a replica of the sporty car Dodge Challenger, which comes in a two-door muscle body. If you are a car enthusiast that goes for the retro-type designs in cars, the Dodge Challenger Wireless Mouse model will definitely please you. Chrysler, the most masculine car brand represents the Dodge Challenger as their halo car. The Dodge Challenger embodies Chrysler’s image as a very tough and powerful muscle car company. This Dodge Challenger wireless optical mouse is using USB receiver that utilizes the most recent RF and optical technology Thus there are no wires required and there are no more old school mouse roller balls. Also, a cool feature of the Dodge Challenger road mouse is the headlights are functional that adds the bit of coolness. It is PC and Mac compatible, and uses batteries.

2) Viper SRT10 Wireless Optical Computer Mouse in Red

Another product in the Road Mice line of products is the Viper SRT10 Red Wireless Mouse. This replica of the Viper SRT10 will definitely appeal to Viper fans. The Viper is a classic American sports car. Viper SRT10 are known for their empowered engine, inconspicuous uncomplicated designs, strong and belligerent styling, and highly-powered performances. The Viper is currently a convertible, featured with its glass backlight and its clamshell lid that is very easy to lower. By flipping one middle handle on its windshield header, you can shove the whole clamshell back towards and letting it inside its dedicated bin. The Viper is also topped with the leading edge of the cloth roof that remains exposed but is adequately stiff to act and appear similar to a solid tonneau. The Viper SRT10 is a very existential car to have.

Why Get a Boring Old Mouse?

They're no fun
They're no fun | Source

3) Shelby GT500 Optical Wireless Car Mouse in Silver and Blue

The Shelby GT500 Silver of Blue Model of the Road Mice wireless mice is a replica of Ford Mustang’s Shelby GT500. This car is a classic model for Ford Mustang that has been running on roads from years ago. But the recent models are boasting a lot of significant improvisations, which includes the aluminium engine block that replaces the usual heavy iron block. The Shelby GT500 is also featured with 19 inches of alloy wheels, the famous Brembo brakes, the xenon head lights, air-conditioning at its highest form, interiors that feature leather buckled seats, perfect audio system with CD and DVD player, and auxiliary USB jacks. It is also a convertible that features an automatic soft roof cloth with sleek frame. The Shelby GT500 also has a very detailed navigation technology, highly-powered performance tires, and high quality steering. Shelby GT500 is a car that will please every car enthusiasts.

4) Ferrari Car Shaped Optical USB Mouse Black

If you like the look of a Ferrari on your computer table, grab a piece of the Ferrari Car Shaped Optical USB Mouse in Black. If you like sports cars that are built for speed, look no further and the best sports cars are made by Ferrari. Enzo Ferrari, founder of the car company is one of the most successful race drivers in the world. The main goal he had for building cars is mainly for speed, in relation to his passion in speed racing. He has built the Enzo Ferrari model which was made to be the fastest street-legal racing car Ferrari yet created. Sporty Ferrari cars are built to be tough on the outside but definitely very comfortable on the inside. Buckle up as you push the Ferrari pedal to the metal and top and expect an excess of 200 miles per hour. Ferrari is also built with aerodynamic technologies despite their muscular forms.

5) Corvette Atomic Orange Wireless Computer Mouse

The Corvette Atomic Orange Wireless Mouse is a replica of the Chevrolet’s Corvette sports car. The famous Chevrolet Corvette is one of the sports cars created by the Chevrolet department of the company General Motors. Chevrolet Corvette is a car that been manufactured in six generations. The first ever Chevrolet Corvette model was a convertible and was created Harley Earl. It was presented in the Motorama 1953 by General Motors, an event that had a car show concept. The name Corvette was derived from the car’s small, yet manoeuvrable features. Chevrolet has always been known to outperform many sports cars that are also famous in the car industry. In recent years, Chevrolet Corvette was tagged to be the best sports car bargain manufacturer in the world. They are not as highly priced as super sports cars, yet they can surpass performances of famous Porsche and Ferrari sports cars. They are known to level off these other brands, even if a Chevrolet Corvette did not cost a fraction of the usual supercar price.

6) Chevy Camaro Sheriff Police Wireless Optical Computer Mouse in Green & White

This Road Mice wireless mouse features the Chevrolet Camaro design with Sheriff Police look. Chevrolet Camaro is a car that is produced by General Motors, under the Chevrolet brand name, often termed as Chevy. The Camaro is a pony car when it was first produced, but has been turned into muscle cars eventually, as more versions are manufactured throughout the years. On 1967, it was made to be a competition car for a Ford Mustang sports car. The Camaro production finally stopped during 2002, and it ended with the concept car that was known to belong to the fifth-generation Chevy Camaro sports car. The Chevy Camaro is also famous due to its presence as Bumblebee in the famous movie Transformers 1, 2 and the most recent Transformers 3 on 3D.



7) Jaguar XKR Wireless Optical Computer Mouse in Blue

The Jaguar XK series also features the XK, XK8 and XKR models that are a series of grand tourers manufactured by Jaguar, a famous British car manufacturer. Jaguar has been making cars since 1996, and the first models of Jaguar cars were presented during a motor show in Geneva during 1996. Jaguar creates high quality cars that does not only present themselves with muscular and empowered looks, but also are known to be equipped with the famous Jaguar high-powered engines.

Jaguar XK cars in the second generation were produced in 2006, and were featured to have the famous aluminiummonocoque body and shell. They are feature with a 2 door coupe, and 2 door convertible as well. Just like previous versions and models of Jaguar XKR, they are still powered by top of the art Jaguar engines.

8) Wireless Mouse - Corvette Red

The red Corvette platforms the same features with the trademarks of the Chevrolet Corvette. It is featured with a massaged interior that has included a new steering technology and new elegant seats. It has new bolstering that is placed along the sides of the car, and a refurbished tiller that includes a highly-wrapped spokes that is also termed as streamlined. Aside from these minor touches in the interior, the Red Corvette is still remained remarkably untouched. The heavy heaters and new rubbers are great for lateral acceleration over standard tires. The Red Corvette also has optional gears that treat performance control of tractions, and a fuller width for rear spoiling. Ultimately, the 6 cogs help maximize fuel economy.

9) Challenger SRT8 Hemi Orange with Black Stripes Wireless Mouse

Dodge Challenger cars are among the sports car manufactured by Chrysler. Dodge Challenger cars are famous muscle cars that are made of aluminium and just recently plastic too. The plastic take is a 20staged plenum that has air flaps that help in affectivity of the ram intake of the engine speed. This new technology makes a greater punch of the sports car wheezy. The Dodge Challenger also has cylindrical deactivation that leads to automatic-equipped system that leads to fuel-saving capacities that are preferred by many.

10) Lamborghini Murciélago Wireless Mouse in Grey

This car is a 2-door, 2 seat sports car that is produced by the Italian car company, Lamborghini between the years 2002 to 2010. It is powered with a Lamborghini engine, and is named after a bull, as the company is known for naming their cars in relation to bullfighting. The sports car is an all wheel driving machine, has mid engine capacities, and roofed very lowly with just about 4 feet above the ground level in length. Lamborghinis are known for scissor doors and this model has exactly what they call scissor doors. The Murciélago uses a suspension that has an independent double wishbone design, and body frame features carbon fibre, aluminium and steel parts.

11) Mustang GT Red with White Stripes Wireless Mouse

The Ford Mustang is a car created by the motor company Ford. It was made with the influence of the Ford Falcon, a North American Compact Car and was presented to the public on the year 1964. It has been developed until the 5th generation to date. Ford Mustang created the classical pony cars – known for their sports car like coupes, but with longer hoods, and shorter rears. Mustang’s famous competitors are the Chevy Camaro, Javelin of AMC, and Plymouth Barracuda of Chrysler.

12) Ford GT Silver with Black Stripes Wireless Mouse

Ford GT’s are mid-engine 2 seater sports automobiles. The Ford GT is manufactured by the Ford Motor Company for the years 2005 to 2006. The Ford GT is created with the inspiration taken from the Ford’s classical racing cars way back the 60’s. The Ford GT is definitely a high performance sports car that is popularly known worldwide.

Not Only Attractive, but Functional

Those are the Road Mice’s wireless computer mice that are replicas of the real sports cars. If you’re wondering on how to use them, you can simply plug the USB receiver that comes with the mouse, to the USB port of your computer or laptop. On the USB receiver, a green light will show up, which means that the receiver is detected. A button is located on top of the receiver and you can push it to begin seeing a flashing green light. Place the Road Mice closer to the receiver to have a fully functioning mouse.

The battery of the road mice will take up to 3 months, which actually depends on use. Lighting up the headlights frequently disposes the batteries to shorter battery life. To save battery, and not drain them while not in use, clicking on the switch button at the bottom of the car is instructed.

In a lot of conditions, you can use your wireless Road Mice along with your wireless keyboard, and will provide a very mobile and convenient experience to your computer activities. Using a wireless mouse can facilitate a greater variety of motion as long as the distance is covered. Since movement is free, there is better ergonomics in working. It also facilitates organized desk since there is no need for wires. What more if you have a mouse that has the same look with your favorite dream car? It doesn’t just mean functionality, but fun and funk as well. You can buy them online through varied stores, or you can also check their website for queries and support. The product is a must-have to all car fans and enthusiasts, whether kids or kids at heart. This is something great for the self, friends, families and for everyone.

Road Mice Wireless Car Mouse Review

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      I have the Ford GT!


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