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Robot Soldiers

Updated on May 18, 2013

The American government has revealed that they have been involved in the development and deployment of 'robot' drone aircraft. In some situations, these drones have already been used in anti-terrorist operations. The use of small robots to handle and disarm bombs is not new, it been going on for several years. The police departments in most major cities have bomb squads that use these robots to handle terrorist bombs, so that a human police officer is not forced to risk his life to do this job.

It would only be a matter of time before combat robots were developed, that would completely replace soldiers. It's not so far-fetched to imagine a robot soldier walking into battle, on mechanical legs, to defend whatever country had built him. It seems certain that robot soldiers will become a reality someday in the future, but, when that day comes, we will face an important question. Now that we have robot soldiers, why do we need human soldiers?

When we reach the point where an army of robot soldiers can defend the country in battle, we should make it illegal for human beings to become soldiers. It would be the ultimate peace effort. This could be the most ambitious peace plan ever proposed. A robot soldier can be programmed to obey peace treaties. If a robot soldier is engaged in battle, it could be programmed to stop fighting immediately, as soon as a peace treaty was signed.

Which country will be the first country to outlaw human soldiers? Let's suppose it could be Bulgaria. Suppose Bulgarian factories had built thousands of robot soldiers, and they had equipped these robots with weapons, and programmed the robots to defend Bulgaria in battle situations. At that point, the Bulgarian government could make a law that says it is illegal for a human being to become a soldier in Bulgaria. So, Bulgaria's army would be all robots, no humans.

Bulgaria's age-old enemy is Turkey. If you read a history book, you will learn about the years of bitter warfare that has gone on between Turks and Bulgarians. If Bulgaria is the first country to have an all-robot army, then Turkey could become the second! Imagine if the Turkish government made it illegal for anyone in Turkey to join the army, then the Turkish army would be all robots. So,at that point, Bulgaria and Turkey would both be defended by robot armies. it could be the beginning of everlasting peace between Bulgaria and Turkey.

Bulgaria and Turkey are not the only countries that are likely candidates for robot armies. Canada could create an army of robots to defend their vast territory, and then the Canadian government could pass a law that makes it illegal for any Canadian citizen to participate in military service. Japan is another likely candidate for outlawing human soldiers. Japanese factories could manufacture thousands of robot soldiers, and program them to defend Japan. As soon as the robots were operational, the Japanese government could announce a ban on human soldiers in Japan. From that day onwards, it would be illegal for anyone in Japan to join the military, or to engage in military operations.

A ban on human soldiers could also help to create peace in the middle east. Iran could build factories to manufacture thousands of robotic soldiers, and program the robots to defend Iran. After they had done that, the Iranian government would announce that they are making a new law, that prohibits any man or woman in Iran from joining the army. Iran will then have an army that consists entirely of robots, with no human soldiers. Israel would be next. The Israeli government could order Israeli factories to build an army of robots, these robots would be programmed to defend Israel. After establishing the robot army, the government of Israel would announce that they are outlawing human soldiers in Israel. The Israeli army will be all robots, and no man in Israel shall ever serve in the military again! When Israel and all of their Arab neighbors replace their human armies with robot armies, the middle east will be a safer place.

Are you serious about peace? Do you want peace? Are you serious about the peace movement? If you are, then this is the plan for you. This is the plan for you to support. Every peace activist in the world should support his plan.

Anthony Ratkov, May 18, 2013.


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