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Robots We May See In the Near Future

Updated on August 14, 2014

Robots are Coming

One day, the elderly will be talking about how back in their day, household chores were done by people.

The idea of using robots in our everyday lives to do our house work for us is an exciting concept, and one that many tech companies are jumping on the bandwagon for, so they can be the first ones to release an actual robot. Sure we have the little vacuuming robots, but they don't really do much other than that.

Nao | Source

Nao Robot

The Nao robot is a small 23" robot by Aldebaran robotics, he is meant to be a friendly companion, he can hear you, see you, and talk to you. He is targeted towards family and children. He can walk, run, pick up objects, and even dance. His ears are actually speakers, and his eyes are infrared sensors.

He can practically do any moves, however, you have to teach him. If you want him to sit, you have to place him in a seated position, and only then will he learn.

Oh, did I mention that he has sensors on his chest and back, so if he trips, or if someone pushes him over, he'll know and be able to pick himself up again.

The company has sold over a few 1000 Nao robots worldwide, but for developers, and research institutes only. Nao is still not available on the market.


Unlike Nao, Jibo doesn't exactly have a humanoid body, however it has a similar concept, and is geared towards being a social and family friendly robot.

Jibo can tell stories, remind you of tasks, speak to you, take pictures and act as a middleman if you want to video call someone. His actually a lot like Siri, except with a body and less sass.

The company has announced that they will be releasing Jibo for public on 2016, or you can get the Home Edition by 2015 for a little over $500.


Asimo is a humanoid robot created by Honda, unlike Nao and Jibo, Asimo is purposed to do a lot more than just being a companion.

He is pretty much meant to be a worker robot, he can do simple requests that you tell him, like bringing you stuff, pouring you a drink, or ordering you your coffee, and hopefully a lot more in the near future. Oh, and he has very sensitive sensors, and can detect when he is holding something fragile, and will grasp it gently, or will know when he needs to strengthen his grip.

He can recognize face and voice, multiple voices speaking at the same time, run forwards and backwards, hop on one foot, and even play soccer, or detect a person's movement so as to not run into them. Did I mention that he is fluent in sign language?

What do You Think?

These are just a few of the robots being developed and designed that I've mentioned. Are you excited for any of these robots? Or are you dreading that they will take over the world, like so many Sci-fi movies claim. Well here are some more robots that may be coming to our homes, including the ones I've listed.

What robot are you excited for?

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