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Romantic Facebook Groups and Pages

Updated on April 30, 2014

Romantic Facebook Groups

Is romance in the air? Are you in love? If you're, then chances are that you might have already joined a couple of romantic facebook groups already. Here's a list if you're looking to join some mushy groups.

In the picture - I will just 'pretend' to hug you until you get here...

My List Of Mushy, Romantic Pages and Groups

1. When You Look Me In The Eyes - Eyes speak a lot, and this group is for those who feel the same!

2. You said no, but your eyes said yes... - Cute no?

3. I silently smile when I recollect those sweet memories - Don't we all?

4. Forget love, I'd rather fall in chocolate ♥  - Not exactly romantic, but you get the point ;)

5. we fight, we yell, we cry, we stop talking. but we still love each other.♥ - The perfect group for lovers who have gone through lots together.


7. Not Being Able To Stay Mad At Someone Because You Love Them Too Much! ♥ - How true!

8. Times When You Cant Stop Thinking About Someone You Love Or Loved - A really mushy page, this one!

9. 'Love U', 'Luv U' 'Ily' 'Ly' or Luv Ya' is NOT the same as 'I Love You' ! - Yeah, really! I mean it's so irritating to get those short versions. Well, I am so glad I am not the only one who thinks that way!

10. I love when someone's status is only meant for me to understand - Now that would feel really special! :)

11. I don't say "I love you" unless i really mean it. - Yeah, that would be me!

12. I Love It When You Look At Me And Smile :) - When you're in love, you smile in a very sweet way and we all love that, don't we?

13. I Know I'm Weird, But That's Why You Love Me - Shows such self-confidence. Me likey!

14. i love when you text me first, cus then i know your thinking about me:) - Especially when you get them first thing in the morning! :D

15. I love you, Suddenly I hate you and then I miss you - We feel this after fights with our loved ones.

16. I Make Fun Of You Because I Love You (: Don't Take It Personally ♥  - Would be a great page for those whose better halves are little on the short tempered side.

17. arguments mean the end of the day i still love you - Fighting is all part of a relationship, isn't it?

18. I love those moments where you just smile and think, "i love life." - This happens only if you're in love! ;)

19. I Know You Don't Want to be questioned, But Stupid I care for u!!!!!!!!!! - Everyone wants answers, but nobody wants any questions!

20. Sometimes you just make me wanna grab your face and kiss you. ♥  - Yeah baby! :D

21. Kissing in the rain - So romantic!

22. Sometimes all you need is a hug. ♥ - Yep, the person who made the page got it all right!

23. being hugged when your crying, makes you cry even more - Sweet, no?

24. ~~!! Some things are just so difficult to explain in words !!~~ ♥ ♥ - When feelings get really intense, you never know how to put it across in words.

25. The Best People Seem to Always Live So Far Away.... ♥ - Long distance relationships can be so hurting at times.


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