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Rooting Huawei U8100 (Wind Mobile)

Updated on September 20, 2012

Rooting Procedure:

The following guide details how to root a Huawei U8100. Once rooted you will be able to flash custom roms to the device.

1) First update your Android Market ensure you are running the latest version. Download the rooting package from the source in the links section. You must search for the package file name ''.

2) Power off the phone. Boot into flash mode by holding Volume Down + End while powering on

- If the phone stalls on the WIND logo screen you are now in flash mode

3) Connect phone to computer via USB cable

4) Run superboot-windows.bat

5) Wait for reboot. Once reset phone will be rooted. Check for Super User app in the app drawer.

Market Access:

The following steps are useful in situations where certain apps may not be available from within the android market due to network or geographical location. This program will unlock the market allowing you to set a custom emulation or emulate a chosen provider.

1) Visit

2) You can install the APK manually to the SD card by connecting through USB, and installing to the root directory of your SD. Or you can scan the barcode provided.

3) Open market access and accept super user notification to grant super user permissions to market access.

4) From settings tab check "Emulate on boot"

5) From custom tab leave the value unchanged and hit "Set to this value"

6) Allow program to load. Emulation successful will be displayed. You may now exit and reset your device.


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      Amir NAbil 5 years ago

      it worksssss tanks a lotttttt