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The Rovio Robot - A Mobile Webcam

Updated on November 2, 2011
The Rovio Robot Mobile Webcam
The Rovio Robot Mobile Webcam

Rovio Robot Webcam

The Robio robot takes the concept of robots to another level. Every year it seems that the technology improves massively and you will see the results of this in the Rovio Robot which could be classed as a gadget gift for someone who has everything!

The Rovio robot acts as a mobile webcam that is controlled by wi-fi and you can take control of it from a computer anywhere in the world so that you can keep an eye on what is going on in your house or other property at any time.

Set the rovio robot up by connecting to your computer and you will be talked through exactly what you need to do. One of the beauties of the rovio webcam is that it can recharge itself at the click of a mouse - you just need to send it back to it's charging point and it will then be ready for it's next tour of duty!

Rovio streams both audio and video so not only can you see what is going on, you can also hear what is happening. If you preset some points in rovio's environment then you can tell the robot to go directly to that spot without having to guide it step by step. it also has LED lights to guide it through dark areas.

perhaps at this stage in it's early development this should be seen more as a toy than a serious mobile webcam but it has the potential to be great fun and certainly a gift for someone who might be very difficult to buy for!

Buy the Rovio Robot in the UK

You can buy the Rovio robot mobile webcam in the US and the UK and for once this seems to be a gadget that is cheaper to buy in the UK.

Check out the UK Rovio here.

There are less reviews on the UK Rovio but this may be as it was released later but the overall review is higher (4 stars) so it may be that these reviews reflect the fact that the new firmware give the Rovio much better functionality.

Rovio Reviews

Reviews on the Rovio robot are mixed with some people saying it has possibly been released too early and that the technology is not fully developed to others saying that it is a great toy and fun to play with as long as you know how to set it up right.

The consensus seems to be that the headlight is really no good in dark places so you really need to use it in daylight but you can buy an improved headlight from WowWee that works better.

The battery life is quoted by reviewers as being between 30 minutes and an hour so you will need to redock after you have used it each time and not let the battery run down before you do so.

To get the Rovio to work even better it is advised to update the firmware immediately you get the Rovio so that it is at it's best. Apparently the new firmware is a marked improvement.

If you check out the reviews on the Amazon site then be sure to go further down than the first reviews that you see which are not so great. There are a wide variety of reviews on the product that give the Rovio from 1 star to 5 stars and it seems from reading a lot of them that those who give the 5 star or 4 star reviews are the ones that have updated the firmware.

The product also looks like you could do with a bit of computer expertise to get the full use out of it but once you have got to grips with it there is also some 3rd party software that you can use with it to have fun and play around.


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    • Azure11 profile image

      Marian L 5 years ago from UK

      LOL Spartan, thanks, I know what you mean! Does look like a very fun gadget I have to say :-)

    • The Odd Spartan profile image

      Christopher Rago 5 years ago from Hamilton, NJ

      Nice hub. This thing looks awesome. I would definitely buy it if I wasn't so broke right now lol. Up/awesome