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Rpg Maker VX Character Sprites

Updated on May 16, 2010

These are the little sprites that move around the map or are events. Townspeople, monsters, quest items, treasure chests, things like that. Below are some of the best resources on the internet for rpg maker vx character sprites.

A couple of them are in japanese, but don't worry! You can navigate the creator's website using your brain even without google translator. I didn't include links to web forums as they're all jumbled up resource-wise and often don't give credit to the resource creator. Please do in your game! These people took the time to make all kinds of great RMVX sprites anyone could use. It only takes 10 seconds to jot down their name or website address for your credits.

How to use rpg maker vx characters

There's a nifty system in RMVX that allows you to have multiple characters on one sprite sheet, or single, and let's them move "up a bit" if they're characters instead of being locked into the background. That feature moves any non object up a few pixels to look like they're really part of the tileset environment. You can use these by having a special character in the file name. Some people have made script additions that let you add more special properties too!

  • Character "!": Doesn't move up. Useful for things like static objects or doors.
  • Character "$": Sprite is a single sheet. Many you download for Rpg Maker VX will be like this. There aren't a lot of people making 8 characters at a time per sheet. However, you can fuse them all together in a graphics editor if you'd like. Even MS Paint will do if you're used to the program.
  • Character "^": There is a special script that lets you use Rpg Maker XP styled character sprites in a RMVX game this way. It ignores the first set of frames.


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