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Runstar GPS app Review (Android)

Updated on July 23, 2012
5 stars for Runstar App

Finding an app that you want to work out with is like trying to find the right pair of shoes. Some may have a really nice icon, but poor in-app layout, or they might not have the look and feel that you want the app to have. Let’s face it, if you don’t like your work out app chances are you aren’t going to be heading out there do the work outs. In the past few weeks I have tried out my fair share of work out apps and so far have fallen in love with my Runstar app.

This app is beautiful. It has the graphics that rival the Nike+ app but at a fraction of the price (I actually use the free version). Upon entering the app you are greeted by a screen asking what it is that you would like to do. This app is made for running (hence the name) so the options you are given are free run- just get out there and go, Treadmill run- self-explanatory, Distance run- set how far you want to go and try to get there, and timed run- you can set the length of the run you want to do by time. In the free app the only option is free run, but that’s really all you need, especially if you are just starting out.

After selecting your run the app launches into a screen with a very cute graphic, it has a person stretching and says they are searching for your location (yes it tracks you based on GPS location). Once the start button turns greens you are almost ready to start your run. The next screen is to set up the music for your run. Yes the music and tracking is all in one app! Now I know that we don’t always remember to keep our headphones with us, but in the off chance that you do forget them or have a preference to run without them; Runstar has the option to not play music while you run. The best feature in the music play that I have found is the power up button. You can set a song to be your power up song, the song that gets you moving and in the mood to run.

At the end of each run a screen appears telling you how far your ran, how long it took and even shows you how far you have gone this month. On the results screen you can see your total distance, average speed and total time spent running broken up by month, year or all time. On the full app users are able to post their running statistics directly to sites like runkeeper and dailymile to share their runs with the running community. Since I only have the free version I have been updating my stats manually and for now it has not been too bad. Once I get into a more consistent running habit and maybe become more serious about my running I will look into getting the full version of this app.

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