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Updated on March 21, 2011

The issue of aviation safety has become a matter of careful legislation in all countries: in Italy, for example, the Decree. 25 n.66 febbraio1999 issued in accordance with European Directive 94/56/EC of 21 November 1994 "decreed the establishment of the National Agency for Flight Safety. the agency is independent in terms of management, regulatory and economic and is employed by the Presidency of the Council of Ministers to ensure his own impartiality with respect to ENAC (National Civil Aviation, Ministry of Transport, ENAV and the National Society for flight assistance).

It should be noted that in accordance with Annex 13 to the International Convention on Civil Aviation, which regulates the manner in which investigations should be conducted on aircraft accidents, events that can be called "accidents" (in English accident) are just from those that occur when a person embarks on an aircraft with the intention of flight until the time that such persons have disembarked from the aircraft. In addition, for statistical purposes, the people involved in air accidents are considered dead because of an accident only if death occurs within thirty days of the aircraft.


It is of imminent approval by the European Parliament a set of regulations that will rearrange the material is relatively investigations on aviation security (safety in English, not to be confused with security) and also the rights of victims and survivors. This Regulation also aims to establish a "network" between the various national investigation to rationalize capacity, personnel and resources. Still much debated and unresolved is the question concerning the relationship between the rule and the technical investigation conducted for the purpose of public safety and the judicial inquiry that focuses on finding the culprit.

In that regard, many argue and seek to assert in aeronautics the concept of "just culture" that is a form of impunity afforded to those who autodenunciano. The question of course has two aspects, while perhaps would have knowledge of certain areas of shadow on the activities of aviation operations, the other could easily be an easy way out for those who work in different ways by the rules. Among the various procedures relating to security, data analysis of on-board recorders (Flight Data Recorder and Cockpit Voice Recorder) has proved essential to the determination of the causal factors of accidents in order to trace the nature of the risks and prevention: This aspect has been included among the main themes of the Convention concluded between the National Research Council and Alitalia.

Several universities have begun to promote the master's degree in aviation science and safety of flight "with the aim of providing broad knowledge base, including the regulatory framework of international civil aviation, the definition and analysis of human, technical and environmental factors that affect the safety of operations and comprehensive insight into the organizational characteristics of complex systems in relation to the prevention of aviation disasters, with particular attention to the Safety Management System. However, there are new reasons for concern, due to pressures to cut costs related to air transport: the well-established companies with years of experience, have faced competition from low cost and struggle with this new reality, where the cost of staff and the service is lower, and therefore more competitive than others. The cost reduction has affected all levels, from the most significant (addressed through the spin-off companies), at lower levels (savings in office expenses for photocopying). The pilots' unions have complained that the pilot training and technical steps have been reduced to a minimum and reduce maintenance.



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