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SEO Ranking 101

Updated on May 30, 2011

Nowadays, it becomes more and more more difficult to have your webpage rank high in the search engine results. Somebody who does not optimize his webpage correctly, has no chance at all. With so many new websites going up every day, it's hard to get swallowed by the masses, and one should definitely pay attention and generate a search engine optimized webpage.

A lot of webmasters still think that the center of the search engines optimization are statement strong meta tags. While search engines like Google still pay attention to meta-tags, they only play a small role in the whole SEO process. Many factors need to be met to have a guaranteed top spot in the search engine results.

I don't recommend using software tools or entry services, which, for example, promise registrations in more than 500 search engines. Measured registrations like these tend to have the opposite effect. It's best to concentrate on just a few search engines and make the entries manually.

Unfortunately there are no clear rules when it comes to Search Engine Optimization. To protect themselves, search engines have been active in using off site criteria to rank web pages.

Basically one distinguishes in the search engine optimization between 2 areas: OnPage optimization and OffPage optimization.

OnPage optimization: all measures one undertakes on their own site, like using correct HTML or well thought out labels for site title, headings etc

OffPage optimization: This is the more difficult but also more effective part of the search engine optimization. The more sites link back to your homepage, the higher your ranking in the search engines.That means you have to work on building links to your website. To keep it as simple as possible you need to get many links to your site trying to have them from sites with a high page rank and related content.

Great link building methods are:

  • Blog posting and Blog hosting
  • Forum Posting
  • Blog Commenting
  • Review Posting

Off Page Optimization should be a continuous process and should be diverse and focused on various methods.


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    • FindYourSearch profile image

      FindYourSearch 6 years ago from Las Vegas, NV

      So true that off page optimization has to be a continual effort! People need to understand that this is a crucial part of SEO and requires patience.