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SEO Services Ibiza: By Blackberry SEO

Updated on December 18, 2010
Tour Des Pirates : Ibiza
Tour Des Pirates : Ibiza

SEO Services Ibiza

Let’s be perfectly clear about this, the internet can be a very competitive place, yet every website owner knows the value of a top ranking on Google. Whether you offer a physical product or a service, top search engine rankings mean more visitors and more visitors more sales. So when facing so much competition, how is your website going to make it to the top?

The answer to this question lies in how relevant, trustworthy and authoritative search engines deem your website to be. So where do you start? Well oddly enough the best way to start optimising your pages is to forget about search engines entirely and ensure that your site is usable and meets the expectations of your target customers. For example this page targets the term ‘SEO Services Ibiza’ it is hosted on a trusted authoritative site, so if the theory is correct it should rank reasonably well even before I start pointing links to it.

SEO Services Ibiza
SEO Services Ibiza

Blackberry SEO will work with you to ensure your visitors can complete their goals and find answers to the questions they are asking. Have you provided all the relevant information required to help potential customers make educated buying decisions? If you haven’t, the rewards for top rankings (financial, branding or otherwise) are going to be far less than they could be.

This first stage of the SEO process is dependent on understanding your visitors and the goals they have. By understanding who is visiting your site and what they want to achieve sets the benchmarks for keyword research and developing content that is targeted, engaging and informative.

The Pareto Principle AKA The 80:20 Rule

The 80:20 rule provides an insightful guide into typical distributions of effort. Amongst SEO experts it is widely agreed that search engines calculate rankings based on a similar 80/20 basis. That is, 80% of the causes that effect rankings are based around off page factors such as links and only 20% is based around on page factors such as content, page title and H1 tags etc.. Indeed I whole heartedly go along with this, however, it is important to understand that although these figures are regularly quoted they do not tell the full story.

Content Is Definitely King Whether You Are In Ibiza, Istanbul Or Iceland

The 80:20 rule is convincing, however, your customers are highly unlikely to reach a buying decision while looking at search engine results. Although Search engine rankings are very important and serve to drive targeted customers to your site, in order to generate a lead, sale or opt-in is hugely dependent on how convincing your content is, how easy it is to find relevant information and how effective your call to action is. So, as well as putting effort into building link equity and ensuring your pages are findable, effort is also necessary to ensure your marketing message is pitched correctly and actionable.

What Can Blackberry SEO Do To Help Businesses In Ibiza?

Blackberry SEO will work closely with you to tailor a SEO Strategy that helps achieve both your short and long-term online goals. We will advise on the best and most lucrative keywords to target, build content to support those keywords and build links to ensure that your content ranks at the top and does the business for you!

To talk to a professional SEO about getting your Ibiza Business noticed contact Blackbery SEO Ibiza.


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    • profile image

      Bernard Barry 7 years ago

      HiTaught myself a large amount of what I know about seo from weblogs and web based tutorials and so called gurus. It seems to have stood me in good sted since I have started getting some businesses specifically within the Google Maps section of search engine optimization. I'd be interested to learn where you learned your Search engine optimization from. You can visit my website or message me on the addy I've supplied or grab hold of me at twitterta!!Clifford

    • SEO Ibiza profile image

      SEO Ibiza 7 years ago

      Lol, Hi Sandra :) hows it going?

      & yes, nice rebuild Peter, but you spelt "OpTimisation" wrong on the logo.

    • Peter Hoggan profile image

      Peter Hoggan 7 years ago from Scotland

      Hi sandraIbiza, the plan is to open an Ibiza office later this year serving the Balearic Islands, the goal is August. Our website is live: and things are moving along nicely.

    • sandraIbiza profile image

      sandraIbiza 7 years ago from Ibiza , Spain

      You make the world seem small..Ibiza is a very small place, but we feel privelged that Scotland want help Ibiza.

    • SEO Ibiza profile image

      SEO Ibiza 7 years ago

      hello Peter.

      so I hope you're tracking your ROI on this "campaign"?