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SEO Services and Social Media

Updated on May 3, 2015

Social Media Phenomenon!!

OK…Let's just close our mouths and face the obvious fact. Whether we realize it, or better yet, accept it, Social Media has undeniably helped to increase website traffic, shape brand identities, promote online marketing, and created millions more backlinks than were created in the early days of link building.

By definition, if one is really needed, Social Media Marketing is the practice of using social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, through blogs, forums, and other online communities to reach online consumers.

Simply because social media has become a way of life, Social Media Marketing is one the most profound strategies in promoting any business. SEO service providers have been offering social media marketing services to its clients for years and it has continued to expand beyond the wildest imagination. Strategic integration with SEO techniques has inimitably positioned businesses of all sizes to incorporate social media marketing strategies with other online marketing programs.

The Success of Social Media Marketing

The key to the marketing success of social media is identifying how to get the best value from the premier social media websites such as Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. Businesses have saved millions of dollars just by determining which social websites to focus on and how to use them.

In the last couple of years alone, businesses with SEO service providers have found astounding success from this marketing phenomenon through social media websites and apps. Their approach, to simply create successful and sustainable social media campaigns based on extensive research has enabled them to formulate exceptional social media strategies for their clients.

What are some Social Media Marketing Strategies?

One of the first steps in making a business a viable competitor in the social media marketing arena is to properly set up their social media profiles, create pertinent strategies, enable sharing, and develop a proficient SEO integration plan. The success of the social media marketing strategy is partly dependant on how well the initial foundation is created and implemented.

Social media campaigns are a reasonable follow-up to the initial profile setup. Whether the objective is to build a social media following or to create interest in the business brand, social media campaigns not only stimulate growth but also create a vibrant customer base. SEO service providers can create many successful campaigns inclusive of contests, sweepstakes, and games.

Businesses are using social media marketing for a variety of purposes inclusive of selling products, generating leads, stimulating community growth, and even to gain intelligence. Remembering the pay per click advertising on various search engines, social media marketing offers companies a tremendous opportunity to run highly targeted advertising campaigns on the social networks.

Developing a Marketing Campaign

Developing a practical social media marketing campaign requires a few basic steps prior to implementation. A marketing campaign without established goals will not likely be very successful. Once the goals are determined, a successful social media marketing campaign can be launched. The following contains a checklist of points to remember in developing a campaign strategy.

  • Establish the goals and objectives of the campaign.
  • Determine the target audience.
  • Perform research of which social networks will be best for your marketing campaign.
  • Develop and test various ads for the campaign.
  • Etch the campaign in stone with the initial launch.
  • Analytically test and monitor your progress.
  • Create reports to help establish more guidelines and to document progress.

An online presence that combines your social media marketing campaign with your SEO can expand your customer base by helping customers relate to your company. In turn this facilitates interaction with your new customer base and thus your sales greatly improve.

Social Media Marketing Benefits

Social media marketing services help businesses to build their online communities, gain customer mindshare, strengthen brand identity, and become the authority in their area of expertise. With such an abundance of benefits it’s easy to see why businesses around the world have adopted social media marketing as part of their marketing strategy.


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