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SEO Tools - XGen and U Bot

Updated on May 21, 2011

XGen SEO and SEO Tools

Recently my article submission activity on Hubpages has slowed do to numerous factors including issues regarding my other online properties and researching SEO tools but on a whole I report that my traffic here has risen following the Google Panda update.

Now of course we all know that Google's attempt to remove duplicate content with its new algorithm is due to affiliate marketers that use blackhat techniques to promote their projects and many of them use scraping and spinning software that intrudes on other writers intellectual property.

Best SEO

After researching some of the available software's in forums and checking out their legitimate sales websites I was able to obtain a free SEO software program called XGen, although the website does require most people to pay for different packages and they even have a 'Pay as You Go' service.

This software is priced rather dear for the service it offers, although I am not a pro at understanding its functionality I understood that it automatically registers accounts for the users at various bookmarking sites and then acts as a submitter of content in order to achieve backlinks. However I found that out of the list of sites it was unable to register at more than half of them and you could achieve better results by using the ethical process.

UBot Studio

UBot Studio is another similar product that is aimed at improving search engine submission, although this ones seems to evolve with the development of sign up fields and captcha's. I allows the user to create their own 'bots' that handle specific tasks of creating a blog page such as dragging widgets across on Wordpress.

Some of the SEO tools even harvest blog URL's and open a browser in which the robot inputs a 'profile' of a comment including your website address, this allows the user to simply repeat the process by clicking next blog.

Photo courtesy of eelkedekker

Magic Submitter

Magic Submitter is the last SEO software I am going to cover in this hub and I would like to ask the question 'Do the benefits of using this kind of software outweigh the risks?' If you would like to know more about risky SEO techniques read my other hub 'Blackhat SEO and Spammers'.

According to Magic submitters website they promise 4 main services to give you the best SEO on the market as they put it, this includes:

  • How to position your content in the market so you quickly stand out
  • How to find the right sites to post your content to (updating you on latest sites)
  • How to get your content on sites without costly outsourcing
  • How to manage marketing campaigns, making buying your product seem the best option

However with my experience of these submitter software's they are themselves marketed to naive companies with little experience in search engine algorithms and viral traffic, they promote a 'quick fix' that in reality not necessarily obtainable.

Businesses will always have to hire SEO consultants since these are the people who know how to use these SEO tools to their greatest potential and these people will usually find it is more beneficial to become self employed affiliate marketers.

So instead of companies looking for quick fixes that seem more economical in the short term, why not spend the money hiring a professional that will build your backlinks organically and with ethical methods?


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