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SEO is a child’s game - Is this really true or false?

Updated on March 17, 2016
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The beginning

I joined an IT company in the year 2010. The beginning was really wonderful. The working atmosphere was so good. My role was simple. Just write a few interesting articles. We call it content development. Some people also call it, article writing or blog writing or copy writing. There are various terms which made me to avoid using any particular term when it comes to describing what I do for a living. Sometimes, people ask me what I do, especially those people who meet at some special events or weddings or at occasions where we are not supposed to talk such as funeral occasions. You see, when people, ask, we have to answer and when we do not answer they take it so seriously. And they might label us as arrogant or ill-mannered. Well, you see, I was not going to talk about all these things but these things automatically drifted into my writing here. I apologize again if this has disturbed you. No digression, now.

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SEO questions baffled me

Some five years back, when I was not so much aware of search engine optimization, one of my team leaders called me and asked a few questions related to on page seo. I was baffled. I didn’t know anything about on site seo. Some of the questions I was asked include the following: “How can we optimize the site in the best way?” “What do you think how many keywords shall there be in an article of about 500 words?” What should be the length of the page title and how many words will Google consider and read when it comes to title description?” There were many questions which I do not fully remember but those questioned made me think that seo is more of a technology subject or coding.

Questions made me think a lot. And I even marveled at the knowledge of the guy who answered his own questions when he sensed some impatience (or I can say my intriguing nature). But the answers were from far from being simple. He explained to me in his own technical jargon (you know of the seo jargon if you know of seo). Plenty of things bounced over my head and only a few entered into the deepest region of my brain where they resided and had not come out, even to this day. Occasionally, they jump up and down and pushed me to learn more about seo.

I resorted to Google

After this meet up, I resorted to Google. Google is all we can trust. I typed in the search box all about seo and I got a link. It was a pdf – The title goes like this: Search Engine Optimization – Starter Guide. The word “Google” was written on the top of the title which made me realized yes, this could be the right resource for me to learn everything about SEO. There were so many things for me to learn from that document. The content was categorized into main topics and sub-topics. Everything was there related to how to create accurate page titles, how to write effective meta description, how to add tags or where to ad tags, how the structure of the urls should be, how the navigation should be, what should be the content like and many other things related to anchor text, optimizing images, crawling and indexing, website promotion, website analysis through webmaster tools etc.

First few hours were stupefying!!! I didn’t understand anything. To be more precise, I understood some basics but couldn’t manage to get the full grip over what seo is. But, when I focused more on the documents and spend quiet a lot of time reading more about seo, I came to know that yes, this sounds simple. I took the topics from the document and searched more about the same, read some related articles and watch some interesting videos on and off page seo strategies and got to know that yes, it is simple.

Search Engine Journal Website for Learning More About SEO and Other Internet Marketing Strategies

Search Engine Land For SEO

Then Following Matt Cutt Solved All The Problems Related To SEO

What is there in SEO?

It is simple. First you ask your developer to add title, meta title, description and keywords (as required / as per the search / select only the best and the most popular keywords / search can be made through Google Keyword Tool or other free tools or simply make use of the Google Search Engines to see what are the related keywords for the keywords you have entered to search. Related keywords will be present at the bottom of the page. Selecting those keywords work too.

If there are images then ask the developer to ad alt+tag. To enhance the loading speed, try to minify html, css and the scripting part of the site.

Add content that is seo-friendly which may mean placing the content that is not full of keywords. Just explain what you want to. Focus on the website visitors and not on the search engines. When you give importance to actual goal of being online then visitors come back to you automatically.

There are a few other things too which are needed to implemented in on-page seo but I personally feel they do not deserve attention (but I may talk about those things, later).

And as far as off-page is concerned. We need to just focus on building links. To get some quality links (links that point to our website), we need to put some interesting articles on our blog, some posts on others’ blogs, need to put links of our website in business directories. Today, off page seo is all about quality content and content marketing. So, we can focus on it then we get good results.

I must say, I have come across expert bloggers who focus on simple or I can say basic seo principles (related to on-page seo and off-page seo) and get ranked higher in Google for the most popular keywords (they target through their articles). When we write interesting content and post it on our blog or at a blog where we can get a quality link from then it is all over. Our site ranking gets improved.

I have prepared a very simple SEO plan which I feel will surely work and with this plan, even experts do not have to toil more for enhancing their site’ position in Google, nor do they have to worry over google updates - penguin, panda or other updates that hit sites badly and in some cases, wipe them out of the search results completely. To know more about the seo plan that can help you optimize sites in the perfect way, please, get in touch with me.

White Hat SEO Tips by Matt Cutt

Following Matt Cutt helped me

I must say following Matt Cutt helped me a lot. Matt Cutt is google's head of the spam team. Whenever there is anything new or exciting about website optimization, he publishes some learning videos, write content, educate the webmasters to tweak the site as per the latest seo strategies. I followed him like anything and have learned so many things from him.

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