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SEO - general tips

Updated on August 25, 2016

In order for a website or blog to be in the first pages of any search engine, you first have to consider the fact that this ranking is done via an algorithm that awards a set of points which raise your chance to appear in the top searches of the domain you are operating in.

In order to better optimize a website, people can turn to a major company like YouTube to see what makes it rank so good in any search engine by analyzing every major aspect of SEO incorporated in it’s pages. So why do YouTube videos rank well in Google?

1. The first and most important thing of any Youtube video it is the content. Much like a website, a good and to the point content that is very informative will get more views. The search engines like Google see this trend and rank it better over content that was not directly related to the actual thing people are searching in the first place

2. The second thing to consider is the length of the content in the case of YouTube, and volume in the case of a website. Both are quite related, as someone who has more content on the subject will be ranked higher than someone who may have very good content related to this but in a small quantity. A big volume of content also helps people stay on a website/video as they may not search for that information elsewhere.

3. The third important thing when it comes to SEO is the name of your content. Even this text has a title to help readers know that they are on the right page and give them a rough expectation of what they are about to read. Naming your content appropriately is very important and the SEO algorithm rewards people who do so.

4. The fourth important aspect to better rank your website, and by doing so, help your business is the description which you can find at the bottom of every video. When it comes to Google the description is the text right beneath the title of the website. It is very important to have that text properly setup as people who search for a subject in general, will get to see that first, before clicking on a website. The description is a rough guess of what they can expect to find on a page/website and is well rewarded by SEO even though some people just skip on reading it.

5. The last, but not least important, we have social media leverage at number five . It is very easy for people to find out more about a website's content mainly through media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit to only name a few and the fact that a website appears more on the big sea that determines SEO pinpoint you as a reliable source and gives your website a higher rank.

In order to help a business grow and build a brand, is has to provide a reliable and easy to access online presence. Following these tips will help any business owner gain some popularity points.


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