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Updated on August 5, 2010

The clear case for renewable energy

 Over the last decade, it seems to me, that the case for use of renewable energy seems to have been proven to all except the ostriches. I disregard the emotional rubbish that emanates every time there is a mishap with traditional energy sources, such as we have just seen in the Gulf of Mexico, where the equivalent of a drop the size of washing up liquid in a big swimming pool has seen mass hysteria, political opportunism and downright lies gush around the world. Personally, President Obama lost a lot of his credibility with me, but then, he is but a politician after all and will do no more to lead the world into the sunlight than any of the others, past,present, and future. But, I digress.

One aspect of renewable energy that has always seemed most likely to succeed, has been the harnessing of the sun to generate heat for us. In Turkey, where I spend most of the summer, for years, no new build has been without it to generate heat especially for water. In Northern Europe the pace has been slower, but is now gaining impetus through increasing costs of traditional sources. As I say, the case is proven.

However, as with all things, as popularity increases and as would be suppliers and installers escalate, so, inevitably it seems do costs for turning to the new source.These days quite outlandish sums can be demanded by those offering to supply solar panels to would be conservationists. I know what I was quoted and it would have taken me 15 years on to break even.

The Alternative.

Now having viewed a solar panel with an untutored eye, it struck me that the costs of production seemed unduly high, but having no knowledge that was as far as I could go.That was until I hit on the information that is included in my link below and which shows just how anyone, determined to the solar cause can save bundles on supply costs and start showing a positive result years earlier than the usual, now over priced route being touted by get rich quick suppliers.

If you are thinking of solar, then do not go further until you have an understanding of just what a solar panel is and how you can ensure that you get what fits your needs at a decent and sustainable rate. A quick look at the link will ensure that you do not blunder into the arms of those who would have you pay far more than you should and provides you with a genuine alternative to provide for your comfort for years to come from the rays of the sun.




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