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SS Call Recorder Review — Simple Yet Functional Call Recorder That Meets Your Needs

Updated on September 27, 2016

The Android ecosystem is a massive ecosystem where you can find practically countless apps to download and install onto your Android smartphone or tablet. The good news is that most of these apps are free. Yet, despite the massive amount of free apps, you won’t actually need all of them, will you? Nevertheless, one app you are definitely going to need is the SS Call Recorder.

What Is SS Call Recorder?

As its name implies, SS Call Recorder is an app that attempts to give you proof of your phone conversation with the other party. Once installed, the app will intercept all of your phone calls, both incoming and outgoing calls, and record those calls for your later reference.

SS Call Recorder on Google Play Store
SS Call Recorder on Google Play Store

Which Is Better, SS Call Recorder or Other Similar Apps?

Well, as mentioned earlier, there are plenty of apps that Google offers its Android users on the Play Store. As such, it is only appropriate for you to find out whether or not there are any advantages that this app from RichContentIT has over other similar apps. So, here is a list of the advantages you get to expect:

  1. Simple UI; first things first. According to those who have downloaded and used the app, it sports a very simple user interface, making it easy to operate even for older people who might not be too aware of today’s technology. Make no mistake, though, its simple UI does not mean bad quality. The app is as practical as you can possibly expect it to be.
  2. Comprehensive help; in order to be able to get the most out of an app, you need to know how it works. Thankfully, the developer behind this call recording app has thought about that, and pretty well, too, dare I say. If you tap the icon that looks like a support desk person, you will get a full page of very comprehensive instructions on how you can get the most out of the app. This is probably one of the things that other similar apps lack so far.
  3. Practically unlimited recordings; while there are plenty of free call recording apps you can find on the Google Play Store, most of them tend to offer a very limited amount of recordings. Yet, with the SS Call Recorder by RichContentIT, you get practically unlimited amount of recordings. Well, yes, you can only record 50 calls (incoming and outgoing, inclusive) each week. However, at the beginning of every week, you will get 50 new slots for you to record your calls. And, even if you have used up all 50 slots in a particular week, you can still choose to record your next call, though it will overwrite your oldest recording. The good news is that you can adjust this in the settings menu of the app. With other similar apps, it is often the case that you only get up to one or two hundred, or whatever amount developer decides you can have, recordings and that is for good, not for every week like in the case of this app. Even better, if you decide to purchase the pro license, you will get unlimited number of recordings, like, unlimited. In addition to that, the pro license will also give you more privilege, which brings us to the next advantage.
  4. Cloud integration; with this app, you can back up all your recorded calls to your Google Drive. With that being said, you never have to be concerned about losing your recordings due to full storage on your device. Even after you have deleted the recordings on your device, you can still view them for later reference, thanks to the cloud integration. And, to make it even more convenient for you, you can back up all your recordings at once to your Google Drive.
  5. Convenient search feature; this is another area where this app excels. When you have plenty of recorded calls, searching them one by one can be a very frustrating task. Fortunately, with this app, it’s nothing you have to worry about. You can simply use the search feature provided by the developer to search the recorded call you want. All you have to do is simply enter any letter of your contact’s name and the app will enlist all recorded calls matching with that query. It can’t be any simpler, can it?

Simple UI
Simple UI
Cloud integration
Cloud integration
Comprehensive how-to guides
Comprehensive how-to guides
Convenient searching feature
Convenient searching feature

Things You Might Not Like About the App

Well, in spite of all its advantages, the app does come with a couple of disadvantages, or so some people think. To begin with, it comes with ads. But then again, if you think of it, ads are needed in order for the developer to be able to make money. After all, it is a free app, eh? Besides, to tell the truth, the app is not aggressive at all, especially when compared to other call recording apps. Believe me, I’ve tried numerous free call recorders from the Google Play Store and it is safe to say that they are far more aggressive than this app when it comes to ads.

If you don’t change or tamper with anything in the app settings, whenever you make or receive a phone call, after the app is installed, a notification will pop up at the bottom part of your screen. Some users say that this notification is annoying. However, if you pay closer attention to the notification, the app is actually simply trying to tell you what action it is taking on your behalf in order to record your calls properly. The good news is that you can very easily dismiss that ‘annoying’ notification. All you have to do is simply adjust your preference in the settings of the app and you are good to go.


Despite the pros and cons, the SS Call Recorder by RichContentIT is a free call recording app that is worth downloading. And, if you are worried about the size, the app has a download size of less than 4 MB, which is nothing today’s Android devices can’t handle.

Pros & Cons

Simple, easy-to-understand UI
Comprehensive how-to guides
Notification (only to a handful of users)
Unlimited recordings
Cloud integration
Convenient searching

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