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SU whether successful iPhone?

Updated on March 29, 2016

Besides the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone SE is probably the most notable product of Apple this year. Cheap iPhone generation iPhone 5C legacy long after two years of failure, the iPhone will get a lot of attention from consumers and experts to the technology manufacturer the same industry. Before the pressure from the "footsteps" of the iPhone 5C, or the opinion of the expert analysis experience that this strategy will have a worse result, Apple has announced iPhone SE confidence appears Spring Forward 2016 event in the plan of Apple in late March.


While the iPhone 6s and 6 Plus quite a luxury for those customers with infinite fascination with technology, but with the financial limit, then the production of a low-cost version of the iPhone 6s is a comb not Apple better be.

iPhone SE combined elements of the iPhone 5S design and 6S, including curved side edges. As expected, the iPhone SE 5S thinner than the current iPhone, using aluminum instead of plastic materials such as iPhone 5C, comes with color variations similar to the iPhone 6S, and if it is, it will have the silver, gray, yellow and pink.

SE Iphone 4 inch screen with a resolution of 1,136 x 640 pixels at 326 ppi pixel density

iPhone comes SE is said to latest processor chip of the iPhone now, it's A9 processor combines motion similar M9 iPhone 6S (if rumors are true), and supports NFC payment technology Apple Pay .. It also comes RAM 2 GB like the latest iPhone. 802.11ac Wi-Fi standard, Bluetooth 4.2, supports Live Photos with 12MP camera, the aperture of the machine a little wider, f / 2.2 and f / 2.4, allowing for the ability to shoot in low light better than the iPhone 5C . It also comes with True Tone flash, automatic HDR shooting and face recognition, a larger battery than the iPhone 5s: 1642 mAh. However, this version will not have the force sensor 3D Touch, this feature is still exclusive to iPhone and iPhone 6s Plus 6s.


After two years since Apple failed product strategy Cheap iPhone 5C, there is a lot of speculation about the fate of the 4-inch iPhone: will disappear or be improved?

Apple has an official answer as to prove the existence of the iPhone 4-inch upgrade called iPhone SE, which means "iPhone SE will be the first handset generation SE, this simple Cheap is an iPhone rather than an upgraded version of the iPhone 5s or 5c "

Professionals KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo believes that Apple's new phone will cost about 400 to 500 fall into dollars at the US market. Lower prices will help Apple easily invaded to segment mid-range priced phones in emerging markets such as China or India. For ease of comparison, the price of the iPhone 6s US $ 649 for the cheapest version.

In addition to a compact 4-inch screen and seems to be said that the iPhone 6 will look more important and predicted prices in the segment is more pleasant than the iPhone 6 and 6 seconds. This is one of the key bit of the iPhone will attract users.

Apple's strategy can not be simpler: They introduced a new device (iPhone SE) in a year and sell old devices (iPhone 5S) cheaper. Those who want to experience the new features, or simply want to own the latest equipment they will buy Apple has launched the machine. While those with limited financial capabilities than can still buy an iPhone generations ago to cool prices.

Is this an appropriate strategy will create success for Apple iPhone SE in particular and in general as this may be the sales sharply both iPhone and iPhone 5s Cheap SE?

Learn the lessons from the barrier "price" that failed 5C iPhone, Apple intends to reduce the price of the iPhone SE to the lowest level possible, in part, "to please" customers, partially extended market and raise revenue from its sale.


According to the results of a survey by Piper Jaffray investment company, more precisely, only 20% of users still want an iPhone with 4-inch screen, while largely remaining two sizes like 4 , 7 and 5.5 inch iPhone 6s and 6s Plus more. Even, some people prefer the other screen size 2 figure (21.2%) was more than the number who like 4-inch screen, although it's not clear that they want bigger or smaller.

The good experience of modern technology increasingly present in parallel with the larger screen size smartphone. Most high-end smartphones, even mid-range are now more than 5-inch screen. As people become accustomed to large screen size, the return to using a smartphone with 4-inch screen is only one thing now as "torture".

Can see Apple's efforts in product diversification problems, or more broadly diversified market. However, to win the competition and revenue goals, Apple had to ensure the mistakes of the iPhone 5C has been repaired, but the iPhone will have to be really impressed. Does iPhone SE will be the failure of successive failures iPhone 5C, or the opening of Apple's great at the lower market segment?


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