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Sample Invetory Report on Gaming Mouse

Updated on June 12, 2010
Sample Inventory Report on gaming mice
Sample Inventory Report on gaming mice

The screenshot shows an extract of an excel spreadsheet which if you read the cels carefully upon clicking for closer examination, you will be able to see that it is a sample invetory report on a few mice or mouses some of which happens to be gaming mice.

This logitech gaming mouse is probably the longest lasting gaming mouse ever, had it as a free gift many years back and it was later replaced by a diamondback which then failed on me. Then I have also a tiny mouse obtained for free at some convention. It serves as an emergency backup for the laptop in case the main mice spoils or runs out of battery.

The mighty mouse was as gimmicky as apple could have gone, it was an utterly horrible one click at a time mouse, you could not press left click and right click at the same time or quickly one right after the other. If you have tried playing fast action packed games with that mouse you would know what I mean. Apple's mice feeds on novelty, then it was sideways scrolling. Now their current mouse prices itself on being touchscreen.

Everyone wants a Mamba if it was free and this inventory report is no different in that it is allocated under the wishlist. Boasting a grand dpi of 5600, its a smooth piece of work that ensures your mouse cursor goes where you want it to. It is also detachable upon which it enters wi-fi mode form, which allows you to play with cordless freedom. That is rather helpful when you're pairing it with a laptop, which is a decent combo with the expensive mice.

And that is how sample inventory reports could be made out of anything, and can satisfy usefulness in categorising things and making your inventory more tidy so you know where everything is and when to use them. You can also look at more sample inventory reports


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