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Samsung Galaxy Android Honeycomb Tablet 10.1 Review

Updated on February 10, 2014
Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10.1-inch
Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10.1-inch | Source

While it continues to earn rave reviews as the best Android tablet ever, a look into the Samsung Galaxy 10.1" tablet running on Android Honeycomb will probably prove its worth. Though it ranks as one of the fast performance devices when compared to tablets in its league, this Galaxy tablet does not compromise on design.

A few aspects have been redesigned to improve on both aesthetics and ergonomics. For instance, the S pen which is an alternative touch device to your fingers now comes with flat sides to prevent it from unexpected roll overs and feels better when in use. Below is a detailed overview of what the tablet offers.

Design Features

By any standards, the 10.1" Samsung Tablet can be described as beautiful with regards to exterior design. It looks much like previous models in this line albeit the slight difference in weight and thickness. On the front panel is a 1.9 megapixel camera which can be used for video chatting. Placed on the front panel too are two speakers each on the right and left bezel. On the top edge is a power button, a volume rocker and the micro SD slot which can support cards with memory capacity up to 64 GB.

The back panel does not have much although you will notice an improvement on the quality of the camera. Unlike previous models which came with 2 megapixel eyes, this particular one has a 5 megapixel camera which will be useful in capturing top notch images at events and while you are on the go. Important to note to is that the 10.1" Galaxy which comes with Android Honeycomb feels light and great while in use.

Like stated before, major improvements have been made on the stylus. Dubbed the S pen for all Samsung tablets, it now comes with flat sides instead of a cylindrical design to prevent accidental drops. You will discover several of its gestures which can be used to execute commands for different applications. However, if you will mostly used the tablet to type, it is recommended that you use your fingers instead. The stylus is an important accessory only to those who will depend on their tablet for artistic tasks.

Software Features

However great the tablet, it would not be worth all the hype were it not for its software. Android Honeycomb is a good bargain for the OS although Samsung included a few of its customized software to improve the overall experience while using this tablet. Some of these are TouchWiz and the custom user interface. The custom software comes with a mini tray for apps which can be used to switch from one application to another without necessarily having to back home.

Other features which are also designed for convenience are the task manager which can be used to close down some applications. This is especially useful if you like multi tasking and have to close down some at times to relieve the RAM.

There are two notable apps which are optimized for usability with the S-pen. These are S note and Photoshop Touch. The applications are useful and true to its word Samsung made sure they are optimized for usability with the stylus. However, one of the things you should note is that these applications are not as easy to use as you would expect. S Note for instance has a multitude of Icons whose meaning only becomes apparent after using the tablet for quite some time. For Photoshop Touch, you will have the advantage of using a tutorial which was specially produced for use with Samsung Galaxy tablets.

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Long are the days when people bought tablets for lightweight tasks like browsing the web, listening to music and viewing multimedia files. Every tablet in the market can handle those but if you really want to handle tasks like photo editing when on the move, you need one which was built to perform.

The 10.1" tablet from Samsung comes with a 1.4 GHz quad-core CPU by Exynos and 2 GB of RAM. Other features are typical of all tablets; these include 802.11 a/b/g/n Wifi, Bluetooth support, GPS, an accelerometer, gyroscope and a digital compass. The tablet is already reputable for pulling up menus quickly, whether the user prefers using their fingers or the stylus.

In addition, the screen is responsive which will be a favourite for those who are constantly swapping between applications. Note that this Galaxy is listed among the android tablets which are known for speedy swapping. Some users have complained that it is a bit difficult to scroll down and up for large volumes of text and web pages using their fingers. However, it is not to bad as to stop you from working.

If you are looking for something to take your gaming on the go, you shouldn't go wrong with the Samsung Galaxy 10.1" tab. It returned good frame rates when benchmarked with some of the most demanding games for tablets. With 2 GB of RAM, you can also be assured that demanding applications like Photoshop Touch and others used for editing or design will not hang or present difficulties even when you are multitasking.

The screen has a resolution of 1280 X 800 pixels. This is not high definition but will be appropriate for media file viewing and if you wish, watching movies and music videos on it is great. Both cameras are ready for whatever a heavy user would like to do. Whether it is videoconferencing or capturing of both motion and still pictures, you will not be disappointed. The flash capability allows you to take clear pictures irrespective of your environments lighting conditions.


To conclude, the Samsung Galaxy Honeycomb 10.1 Android tablet is a great performer and will not disappoint you if you are looking for something flashy. You can purchase a dock and other accessories for convenience or use it as it is. Overall, it is a great companion for those who want to take their computing while on the go. As a note, the S pen gestures will take time to learn and discover but once you are conversant with them, you will certainly find it hard to part with this additional hardware.



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    • mperrottet profile image

      Margaret Perrottet 3 years ago from Pennsauken, NJ

      Good review - I'm in between buying a Galaxy or a Kindle HDX. I like the Galaxy because it has the SD slot, but the Kindle looks good because I'm an Amazon Prime member, and as such can get free movie downloads. Your article verified that the Galaxy is a good choice.