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Samsung Galaxy Note Cell Phone Review

Updated on August 8, 2012

The Samsung Galaxy Note is one amazing piece of technology. If your looking for a phone that does everything, and leaves your friends and family drooling over it in the process, this is the phone for you.

This phone really does do everything. I've been using it for months now and have yet to find anything that this phone will not do. It is essentially a tablet computer and a phone all wrapped into one sleek package.

The phone is rather large, which is the comment you will get most often if you get this phone. "That phone is huge! How does it even fit in your pocket?!" Get used to that. This phone has a 5.3" HD screen. You will have no problems watching your YouTube videos, catching a movie on Netflix, or showing off the high quality photos that you've taken with your Samsung Galaxy Note's 8mp rear camera with digital optical 4x zoom. Not to mention Skyping your friends using the 2.0mp front facing camera.

This phone comes in Carbon Blue or white, and comes with the ever so useful S Pen. The S Pen is stored inside the bottom of the phone for easy access, and allows you to do many things on your phone including drawing or jotting down notes from your meetings. The Samsung Galaxy Note is a perfect business phone, with all its useful S Pen features and its standard features (which surpass most of the phones currently available), this phone will help you keep ahead of the game. However this phone isn't ALL business, It packs a ton of useful and fun features that will keep you entertained and coming back for more, you may never put this phone down.

While this phone is one of the largest phones at the market right now, its also surprisingly thin and sleek. On the front of the phone at the bottom of the screen their are 4 buttons, starting from the right and going left, it has a search button which will bring up a Google search when pressed, a back button which is what you will use to exit out of your apps, Internet, and other programs, next to that is a home button which takes you directly to your home screen (which unlike the back button does not close out your apps when used), and finally you have a "Menu" button which will bring up additional options depending on what you have up on your phone at the time, and when used on the home screen is a nice quick way to access the phones basic settings.

Along the sides there is a on/of button on the right, which will also lock your phone when pressed, a headphone jack on top, and on the left there are volume up/down buttons. The outside of this phone is rather simple but don't let it fool you, this is one heck of a phone. If you can do it on a computer you can do it on your Samsung Galaxy Note, plus so much more. This phone is perfect for any and all of your phone/computer needs on the go. You won't regret getting this amazing piece of technology


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    • NickSimpson profile image

      NickSimpson 5 years ago from Jacksonville, Illinois

      The note is a killer smartphone/tablet combo that I have not heard a bad word about besides the size. I think that the size issue is just perception, because I don't know a single person who has used this phone for a few days and still thought it was too big. I personally am waiting for the Galaxy 3s to come out, but this and it's predecessors have and will continue to prove that bigger is still better in many cases.


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