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Samsung Galaxy Note - Phone, Tablet, Enjoy It The Way You Want To Enjoy It

Updated on May 7, 2012

The "Tablet-Computer-Smartphone"

Is it a smart phone or is it a tablet? Samsung's Galaxy Note smart phone, the latest of their technology products has a screen so beautiful, its almost better than Apples new iPad screen. The $299.00 2-year AT&T contract might dissuade buyers because of its bulkiness, hence it being really a phone or a tablet computer, but AT&T's customers are giving the phone 5-star personal reviews with tiny complaints about battery life.

A Very Interesting Phone Indeed

I must say though, the phone is interesting as it brings your right brain to life, your creative brain. It is big, very big, the biggest smart phone to date on the market with a gigantic 5.3 inch HD SUPER AMOLED screen. The phone comes with a stylus pen, the thingee that Nintendo DS video gamers are familiar with which allows you to go where people with extra-large fingers have not gone before on smart phones. And its the only smart phone that has front and rear facing cameras like the latest iPhone 4 models but better. Apple's iPhone 4 megapixels are always the very last in the race at 5 megapixels whereas the Samsung Galaxy Note is at 8 megapixels on the rear camera and 2 megapixels on the front one. Apple's newest iPad that was just released has its camera at 5 megapixels. How sad.

Beats The Current iPhone 4GS And Its Up and Coming Cousins, iPhone 5 and iPhone 6

Upgradable to a 32 gigabyte card, the Samsung Galaxy Note comes preinstalled with 16 gigabytes and is Bluetooth ready. I will definitely be buying either the white or carbon-blue Galaxy Note as I am tired of owning a black mobile phone for the past 15 years. My eyes will be refreshed with a shinier, lighter color, and white is what I will choose.

We Salute You Samsung For Bringing The Technology World The Best Of Both

Cheers to Samsung for creating a tablet computer, no wait, a smart phone, oh wait, I think it's both and that's what makes the Samsung Galaxy Note the coolest, smart phone to own in 2012!


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