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Samsung Galaxy S4 Aluminum cases

Updated on May 30, 2013

Best Aluminum Galaxy S4 Cases

The best thing about galaxy S4 Aluminum Cases is that they are really low Profile and tend to be slim and thin. Also, as expected from aluminium, they are light and durable.

I really like them because they look stylish and they even sparkle.

Here is a nice list of hand picked covers that are among the best choices you can have for this product on the web.

We will keep this page updated weekly to bring you all the new and best quality stuff.

Great Urban Shield Case

This is a clean, great high quality carbon fiber case. Really craftsmanship and it looks and feels amazing. One of the best new cases for Samsung Galaxy S4, and maybe the best aluminum one.

This case is Slim fit, allows easy access to all ports and it even includes a screen protector. It will protect your smartphone against knocks and scratches and keep it safe and stylish.

I really like its style. It is protective and looks extremely good. Could be a nice choice for anyone.

Where Can you get it?

If you are looking to get it online, the best place to find it is amazon but you can find it on eBay as well. Be sure to read all the information on the page about it and select the right color for you.

Cygnett UrbanShield Brushed Aluminum Metal Case

Silver Luxury Steel Aluminum Chrome Hard Case

Aluminum Chrome Case

This aluminum case puts all the tone on style. I got to admit that it looks really nice and its design is great. It is light and durable and will keep your phone safe for a long time.

Note that this case is not 100% aluminum. ithas a hard plastic outer shell with Steel Aluminum Chrome and Bling Diamond Crystal, so be aware of that fact before you order.

Nevertheless, it will keep your device safe and will make it look great!


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