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Samsung Galaxy S5

Updated on February 23, 2014

Samsung Galaxy S5

Well isn't this super exciting? The new Samsung Galaxy S5 is about to be released and we can debate, speculate and read all the leaks and the news about the upcoming release. There are some concepts that are being shown to us on how the Samsung Galaxy S5 might look like and I'll show them to you on this hub.

The Samsung galaxy s smartphone series was always the flagship series of this brand and not by chance, their devices are always innovative. I really hope that the new S5 will not disappoint us and provide with loads of new features, great fresh look and a whole lot of new and amazing accessories and cases.

As soon as there will be any, I will cover on this hub and on some others all the new accessories and the new cases that are going to be available. We can expect some new designs that we didn't see before, maybe some new concepts for a wallet case, defiantly we want to see a great wireless charger and many other new and fun accessories.

Wallet and Card holding Cases

Wallet cases are something that I will personally will be looking for in the new Samsung Galaxy S5 accessories variety. I really like them and I have watched them develop from a mere new concept that is not that easy and comfortable to use to a complete fully functional wallet case that can be used with ease both as a smartphone case and as a wallet.

There are some super nice wallet cases for the Galaxy S3 and S4 and I'm sure that it will be possible to find even better selection for the new S5 smartphone.

Smartphone cases have become not only functional and great for daily use they also are really fashionable and overall great looking, it is a good case for most women or girls but might be also a fairly good idea for men who are in need of reducing the quantity of things that they are carrying in their pockets.

Card holding cases are also a fairly new concept and we can already see some nice specimens that can be found for sale online. the great thing about card holding cases is that they doesn't cover the smartphone front but still can be used to carry credit cards and even some cash along side your smartphone and reduce the need of a wallet.

Samsung Galaxy S4 prices going to drop?

Is it the end of the Home Button?

Some leaks shows that the home button will be gone on the Galaxy S5. It is really good news? Will you miss the button?

I will surly miss it but I can also live without it, It seems like a small change that will not make much difference but it could also be the kind of thing that might mean a lot to some people. It is defiantly easier to detect while not looking than the on screen buttons, it also helps to faster realize what direction you are holding your phone.


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