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Samsung Galaxy Tab Cases and Covers

Updated on September 20, 2012

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The Samsung Galaxy Tablet

The all new product from Samsung has finally been released this October in the UK and it’s going to be great.

The write up’s so far have everyone eagerly waiting for the release of Samsungs rival to the Apple iPad.

At 7 inches the Galaxy is a nice size for a slate, its compact and with a weight of 380g it’s going to be a winner.

The screen has a resolution of 1024x600 pixels which will be fabulous on the color touch screen with its bright OLED display.

The Samsung Tablet will use Android 2.2 and will connect through both Wi-Fi and 3G, using a 1.2GHz processor.

The Galaxy Tab shall have the touch screen and pinch zoom capability to make this a really enjoyable machine to experience.

If you’re one of the lucky ones that are going to invest in this Samsung Galaxy, the smaller and some would say better version of the new slate computers then you’ll want to protect it with a snazzy cover.

Have a look at my choices for a great case for a great Galaxy Tab, my favourites are the leather cases for the Samsung Galaxy Tab but they come in a huge and varied choice that there really is something for everyone.

There are silicone cases that easily slip over the back of the body, or there are folio style cases that have a front cover to keep the screen protected.

There are the Neoprene cases that will easily allow you to fit any Samsung accessories in.

But don't forget to get a screen protector so that you can prevent any scratches from getting on your screen and ruining your viewing experience.

The Best BookArmor for the Galaxy Tab

This is one perfect little case that will stylishly protect your Samsung Galaxy Tab.

The case is lucky enough to fit most 7in android tablets and will allow you operate the tablet without having to remove from its case.

The Tablet case is strong, reinforced with double layers of plastic and steel to offer probably the best protection for the Galaxy Tablet on the market. The tablet securely clips into place and is easily clip out for removal.

The case has a zipper to close it which means it is ideally sealed against dust and dirt.

Need Some Really Great Protection for Your Galaxy Tab?

We all now that we need to have a screen protector on our devices whether that be a smart phone or a tablet but did any of us realise the difference between these thin films of plastic?

The Skinomi TechSkin Film is as high tech as they come, made from materials used to cover and protect military aircraft and space shuttles. This screen protector is made from thermoplastic urethane that even has UV protection that will prevent yellowing.

Skinomi TechSkin will provide a lifetime of protection which has been guaranteed by Skinomi and will keep at bay scratches and marks from your device.

The Messenger Style Kensington Sling Bag for Your Tablet

For those on the move and want to take the Samsung Galaxy Tablet with them there is the sling bag, messenger style bag.

The Kensington Sling bag has bee designed to fit the iPad and tablets and has space for ones up to 10.2 inches so you know there is plenty of room for the Samsung Galaxy Tablet.

Just slip your Galaxy Tab in the Kensington and away you go with your bag over your shoulder. There is enough room in this bag to keep your Tab and it includes an inside pocket which can house wallets, keys, all your daily essentials.

Also the bag design includes an outside pocket so you don't always to be rummaging inside for your stuff.

Protective Silicone Skins For the Samsung Galaxy Tablet

If you like the styling of the protective skins that are usually for smart phones these days well, they have started to make them to fit the Samsung Galaxy Tablet also.

The protective soft silicone skin covers will protect your Samsung Tablet from everyday knocks and bumps when you are using it.

This silicone skin is made from a high grade durable gel silicone that makes it easy to fit on to the back and sides of your galaxy Tab.

CaseCrown Memory Foam Cases

This has gone straight to the top of my favourite list for protecting the Samsung Galaxy Tab.

The CaseCrown Memory foam case has literally got everything needed to make sure your gadget does not suffer any bump or knocks.

There are corner tabs inside to hold the tablet in place during transit and whilst in use, as the bag double up as a platform to use your tab on.

The casing has been made using double memory foam that moulds to the shape of whatever is placed on it. This means that instead of having gaps around the device which could allow for internal movement the tab is help soundly in place.

There is a front pocket which is big enough to store your Samsung accessories such as the charger and it has strong zippers to close it.

All in all this is a super design that I'm really impressed with. I hope you are too.

DermaPad- Protect Your Galaxy Tab with this Fab Case

My favourite of the Galaxy Tab cases is the leather case folio made by DermaPad, it comes in a range of colors from pink, red and black.

The Dermapad Galaxy Tab case is really easy to fit over your Samsung Galaxy and will be well worth the protection it offers to keep your Tablet pristine.

Investing in a case protects your Tab from the everyday knocks and shocks and keeps the Samsung Galaxy protected from particles of dust and dirt.

Tablets are convenient but a lot of money so best be sure that you’re protecting the Samsung Tab as best you can.

Simplicity Itself- The CaseCrown Faux Leather Envelope for the Galaxy Tab

Yet again CaseCrown have produced a great looking protective case for the Galaxy Tab. This envelope style faux leather tab case is simplicity in style.

Just open up the envelope and slip the Galaxy Tab inside.

The interior is padded with a lovely soft non scratch fabric so the screen of the Tablet will be protected.

The case has a snug fit for the Samsung Galaxy so it will not be jostled around inside the case.

Easily closed with a magnetic closure clasp so you'll not need to press down on the clasp which will prevent it fromsustaining any damage.

The CaseCrown comes in a lovely range of colors to suit everyones taste, you can be sure to be happy with your choice.

Duragadget Water Resistant Covers

Why not choose the cool Duragadget Galaxy Tab water resistant case.

These covers are made from Neoprene which is what’s used in wetsuits and a wide range of products for protection such as laptops sleeves.

You'll be sure to provide the Tab with the water resistant protection that you should give your Galaxy. The Duragadget Neoprene Zip for the Galaxy Tab not only offers water resistance but also due to it's thickness it will also allow for protection against bumps and knocks.

The Duragadget case is robust and perfect for day to day use of your Galaxy tab so that you don’t need to worry if your tab is sat at the bottom of your bag or on the table in a café whilst your drinking a coffee.

Peace of mind that you won't accidently damge your lovely new Galaxy Tab.

Ooh, and have a look at the luxury purple Duragadget Galaxy Tab case, this is gorgeous. I love it coz it’s funky and bright, well worth it to brighten up these shortening days that are fast approaching.

The benefits of having a case over your Tab is that you can change the color and style whenever you want so you can have a change as your mood does.

Why not protect your Tab further with one of the silicone jellies that slip easily over the galaxy. They protect the Galaxy tab during the time it’s out of its case and give double protection against most probable knocks and scraps.

Buy the Elago P2 Stand

This is a great Samsung accessory that really does its job well. 

The stand is made from aluminum and is available in both black and silver, it has a simplistic, minimal shaping which looks very sleek and is able to neatly tuck away all the cabling required for your Tab.

This a fabulous stand to alight your Galaxy Tab on whilst at home, so that you can view you device without have to hold or balance it on cushions or books.

Try these Silicone Jellies for Added Protection

Brilliant, quick and resilient to damage on your Samsung Galaxy Tab.

These will offer the tab a protective lining that you almost won’t notice is there, they are easy to fit and slip over the tablet.

These are brilliant as the base layer to your protection, after which you can further protect the tab with an outer case that will keep out the dirt that’s lurking at the bottom of your bag.

Cheap and cheerful, you can get these Amzer Silicone Skin Jelly Cases in a range of colors from gray, hot pink, transparent, maroon red, baby pink and many more.

Preview of Galaxy Tablet


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