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Samsung Galaxy S3 VS HTC One X

Updated on November 2, 2012
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Samsung Galaxy S3Samsung Galaxy S3
Samsung Galaxy S3
Samsung Galaxy S3 | Source
Samsung Galaxy S3
Samsung Galaxy S3

What we see in these Benchmarks?

Higher numbers are always good in benchmarking. There is no upper limit for the numbers in these benchmarks. So if you want to compare between two benchmarks for the same category, see their numbers, higher the better.

There are numbers of touch and type smartphones in the market and comparing them through these benchmarks is a good idea, but compare these smartphones via same benchmarking application. Comparing each device on the basis of different benchmarking applications is not a good idea because each application uses different algorithm to compute results to finally show you the benchmarks of your device.

About Samsung Galaxy S III and HTC One X

CPU of Samsung galaxy S3 is quite powerful as it is uses a “Quad core 1.4 GHz” Cortex processor. GPU (graphic processing unit) is heavy build-up too. It uses “Mali-400” as GPU.

Talking about HTC One X, it uses “Quad core 1.5 GHz” processor and uses “Nvidia Tegra 3-ULP GeForce” as GPU. Not to say HTC One X has a plus point when it comes to GPU. Both the smartphones are top notch and prices (India) are almost same, so which to prefer over which?

Preference: “HTC One X or Samsung Galaxy SIII”?

Both smartphones have similar specs and with no doubt their performance are almost equal. You will really enjoying playing with these smartphones. The only plus point with HTC One X is that it has a better GPU (Graphic Processing Unit). It uses Nvidia Tegra 3-ULP GeForce boosting its graphic capabilities.

So it’s a good treat for game lovers. Surely they want every detail to be clear, graphically-wise. So if you want to buy it for your gaming desire then I will suggest you, HTC One X over Samsung Galaxy S3.

But for me it’s Samsung Galaxy S3 more in terms of looks and appearance. I am not too much in gaming so getting Mali-400-MP GPU is enough for me. So other than GPU only appearance, interface and you are different. Specs-wise both phones are almost similar and will provide you almost same performance (other than graphics). Both the Phones HTC one X and Samsung Galaxy S3 fulfill the desire of a User by providing everything.

They both can play HD videos, so enjoy HD movies (1020p) on your mini theater (HTC One X and Samsung Galaxy S3), Camera quality is good, interface, touch screen, display and other quality makes both of these mobiles a top notch phones for today.

Mali-400 vs Nvidia Tegra 3

Mali 400,Cortex A9
Tegra 3
Max GPU Cores
L1 Cache (I/D)
(32KB / 32KB) per core
(32KB / 32KB) per core
L2 Cache
8KB - 256KB
1 MB
OpenGL ES 2.0v for gaming user and 1.1 Version formobile phone user
1.1v ,2.0v
OpenVG for 2D images ,fonts graphics
ULP GeForce
GPU Power
10.8 GFLOPS at 300MHz
7.2 GFLOPS at 300MHz
Power consumption
Look for other alternatives
low power consuption option because of more cores
Video hardware codec(1080p)
H.264 (HP @ 40Mbps)
DivX 4/5
Sorenson Spark
Real Video
Games Support
Supports only few 3D games
Supports almost all 3D games
Display Controllers
Max Frequency
600GHz, Single Core, 65nm
Up to Single Core 1.5 GHz /Quad-Core 1.4 GHz


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