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Samsung PN43D450 43-Inch 720p 600Hz Plasma HDTV Customer Review

Updated on September 22, 2011

Samsung TVs are great aren't they? In this hub article, we have a look at another Samsung Plasma TV, with the model name: Samsung PN43D450 43 Inch 720p 600 Hz Plasma HDTV. Before we go ahead and review this plasma TV, you first want to make sure you are going for the right type.

The debate between plasma vs lcd vs led TVs has been going for man years. First thing first, is a plasma TV right for you? Plasma TVs are well suited for fast motion pictures such as action movies, sports, and video games. They are all better suited for low light conditions, whereas LED and LCD TVs are more or less the opposite. LED and LCD TVs also have great picture quality but you are more likely to experience motion blur, especially as the TV frame gets larger and larger. LED and LCD TVs are well suited for bright conditions. This is the reason why a lot of public areas utilize LED and LCD TVs instead of Plasma TV. That said, let us move on to the actual review.

First we talk about some of the technical specifications. This Samsung TV has a 43 inch plasma display panel with a 720p HD resolution. Although this is under some of the top quality TVs we see today that utilize 1080p technology, you will still experience some great picture quality with this Samsung Plasma HDTV. Overall, the TV has five HD inputs. Two of which are HDMI, one which is PC Audio, and the rest which are HD component inputs. The use of 600Hz subfield motion means you are barely going to experience motion blur in fast paced motion pictures (we mentioned this earlier about sports and video games).

With a narrow frame, you can also easily install this TV in many areas of your homes and apartments. You can even mount this TV on a wall to save more space! The quality of the in-built sound is also known to be great among customers! One customer commented that for its price, you are not going to find many deals that offer better quality TV features. Another customer reinforced the opinion on how great the picture quality and depth is, but also mentioned that you should install this TV in an area with a low light environment (e.g. away from windows). So what do you think of this TV? Feel free to comment below!


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