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Samsung Phones

Updated on July 13, 2013

Samsung Impression a877 Phone Review:

Samsung seems to be really rocking it at the moment, shaking up the smartphone market like no one else is - good on them!

This 3G powered smartphone has a touchscreen along with a QWERTY keyboard that slides out.

You can also customize the interface to your specifications.

This Samsung Impression a877 model can be used with the AT&T Navigator GPS system, Video Share, mobile music from AT&T and streaming video from Cellular Voice service.

This Samsung model also has a combination camera and camcorder with three megapixels.

You can enjoy the sound of stereo music with the Bluetooth system. There is also a digital and audio player that you can enjoy.

With this phone, you get up to three hours of talk time before you have to recharge the battery.

There are three keys on the phone that provide you with easy operating and navigating access. The call, end call and back keys are located on the front of the phone directly under the touch screen.

You will also have easy access to the features that you use the most with the TouchWiz user interface. This interface is not only easy, but it also allows you to customize your phone the way that you want it.

This phone comes with a built-in motion sensor that has auto-orientation when you tilt the phone.

The screen will change to landscape or portrait format. With the drag-and-drop features, you get immediate access to the components that you need, such as music, a clock, instant messaging and pictures.

There is 189 MB internal memory that can be expanded using MicroSD memory cards.

The phone book inside of the phone can store up to 2,000 entries in alphanumeric format. Each entry has additional space for more than one phone number and email address.

The integrated speakerphone is great if you are more of a hands off person when it comes to talking on the phone.

If you are looking for an all-in-one cell phone, or upgrading to a smartphone, Samsung surely should be on your list of choices.

Samsung Mythic a897 Phone Review:


The Samsung Mythic a897 Phone is a 3G enabled messaging and social networking phone that has a touchscreen measuring 3.3 inches. 


It also comes with the TouchWiz interface.  This interface has special widgets that can be used for you to customize and personalize your phone. 


There are drag-and-drop features that give you immediate access to the functions that you use the most.  That would include the music player, clock, photos and instant messaging. 


This Samsung model phone is compatible with AT&T Mobile Music, AT&T Video Share and streaming video from Cellular Video service. 


It also works with AT&T Mobile TV capabilities.  There is a combination camera and camcorder that has 3.2 megapixels. 


You can also listen to stereo music from a Bluetooth device. 


You can expand the 189 MB memory using the MircroSD memory expansion.  There is also easy access to your personal email. 


This phone allows you to talk up to three hours before the battery has to be recharged.  There is also 15 days of standby time that can be used.


With this phone, you can get video and music downloads from AT&T’s 3G network.  The Mythic is a new system that you can subscribe to and get 24-hour access to simulcasts in its entirety.  FLO TV is a service that features channels such as CNN Mobile, CBS mobile, Comedy Central, Fox News and others. 


If you are going somewhere and need directions, the AT&T Navigator GPS can help you to get to where you are going. 


There are several social networking applications that are pre-loaded in the phone. 


With the connection to Bluetooth 2.0, there is streaming music in stereo sound.  If you want to keep your hands free, you can use the hands-free headsets to talk. 


 If you want to use your laptop to connect, that can be done by either a Bluetooth connection or a wired USB. 


This phone comes with a headset, charger, rechargeable battery, USB cable, quick start guide and user manual.     

Samsung Phones

Headset for Samsung Cell Phone | Hands-free Stereo Soft-Gel Specifications:


The Samsung hands-free stereo headset uses a soft-gel material for the device. 


 It has a one-touch button that is use for send and end features.  It is specifically made for Samsung hands-free headset models. 


This headset is used to mute music when you are on a phone call. 


When you want to listen to it again, you will be able to hear the clarity in the stereo sound.  The design for the ear buds is sleek and they fit just right into your ear. 


With the in-line microphone helps to reduce any background noise and pumps up the volume of what you are saying.  It also makes your voice clear to the person on the other end. 


The stereo headsets are restyled with ear buds to help your ears feel comfortable while you are using the headset. 


These comfort ear buds would be used instead of the regular stereo ear buds.  They will also make it easier when you are driving because they are comfortable on the ears. 


The audio adapter is molded and integrated in-line so that any static connections will be eliminated. 


With the send and end button, the voice-dial on voice dial equipped cell phone can be operated. 


The quality of the audio is very good on many Samsung phone models. 


Because this headset is hands-free, you should be able to safely drive on the road without any issues. 


 A wired headset usually has great quality, and this Samsung brand is no different.  You will be able to talk for a while when you are behind the wheel. 


Nor do you have to concern yourself with recharging it because it should have enough juice for you to use when you are talking with someone else.


The feature of eliminating the background noise is one of the best parts about having this device. 


Who wants to listen to noise in the background while you are talking?


Samsung Phones

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    • profile image

      Lollpipo 6 years ago

      So is this phone called a hub??

    • profile image

      Sally 6 years ago

      Informative hub. Thanks

    • The Pink Panther profile image

      The Pink Panther 6 years ago from Sydney, Australia

      Woah! This phone looks great! I think its a great feature to have a touchscreen and a qwerty keyboard, because somethings I prefer to type to make sure I get it right.

      I have a really old phone, but I think I know what I'm upgrading to!