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Samsung S5570 Galaxy Mini

Updated on March 26, 2016

This is an amazing little device. It’s cute. Sleek. And performs well. Many people will tell you that the Samsung Galaxy Mini is not powerful as it’s two older brothers, the Samsung Galaxy S2 and the Samsung Galaxy S II. Actually, this is one of the most useful and stable phones around. It upgrades without any problems to the highest firmware. I’ve never had any problems while running this, and whenever I had a problem, simply hold down the power switch and reboot! I would still say that the performance has some downsides, but overall for its price, I like it a lot.

What are the Cool Features of the Samsung Galaxy Mini?

I really like the dynamic wall paper! I write all my goals down and set it there. I can also have pictures of my family friends. It’s great for traveling and when I want a good refresher. For a small phone, it’s surprising they offer this capability!

How are the apps for the Samsung Galaxy Mini?

It’s hard to connect with the android app store. It takes some following directions and a lot of manual installation before you can get it up to speed. I was able to pair the phone successfully with my car system through Bluetooth in order to use the phone application in my car.. it was great

How is the Battery Life of the Samsung Galaxy Mini?

Okay I admit, the battery life is not the best, but it lasts a good eight hours . You will be set if you don’t make a lot of calls throughout the day and you just text from time to time. If you are not using Wifi, or bluetooth, it’s best to leave those off. My friends say if you are using it for music listening, it will drain very quickly. Luckily the blackberry charger also works well with this phone if you happen to lose its charger.

If you are an American user, be prepared to buy your own phone charger since the one that comes in the package isn’t that good. It only works with international outlets :/

How is the Samsung Galaxy Mini Camera Quality?

At just 3 megapixel, this camera just gets the job done but doesn’t offer much in terms of features or upgrades.
How is the the Samsung Galaxy Mini price and what models are available?

At just $143.48, the phone is often in stock on sites such as Amazon. This phone unfortunately doesn’t come with built in memory but just 384 MB Ram, which isn’t much at all. It can hold up to 2gb if you get an additional 2gb micro SD with adapter. That will cost around $18.99 extra.

I needed a cheap phone that gets the job done while traveling abroad. The Android OS makes it worth it. I was very happy with it’s performance.

If you want to buy the Samsung S5570 Galaxy Mini cheap, you can check Amazon or Ebay. They have a lot of them at a good price. Don’t hesitate, before they’re all gone!

5 out of 5 stars from 1 rating of Samsung S5570 Galaxy Mini


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