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Samsung SSG-2200KR Rechargeable Child 3D Glasses Review

Updated on February 18, 2011

Surprise Your Children With NEW 3D Glasses

Samsung Rechargable 3D Children Shutter Glasses


3D Active Glasses For Children

Ok, so you have a 3D HDTV, and you have a 3D camera.. and maybe you even got a 3D shutter glasses for yourself..


What about your kids ??

You need to think about 3D glasses for children. The 3D is a great excitement for them, they are thrilled by every new 3D movie that comes out.. (and there will be many more coming soon!!)

Children like to have their OWN stuff, their OwN size, and pick their OWN color. For them Samsung developed the brand new 3D active shutter glasses - in two bright colors red & blue (see the pic).

Your children could finaly bring new friend over, they could be popular at school ! The whole class will want to come over and play 3D games with these new children's colorful cool 3D glasses.

Samsung’s new 3D Active Glasses are the gateway to Samsung 3D entertainment.

Here is a quick Samsung SSG-2200KR Rechargeable Child 3D Glasses Review:

The main benefits for you is that:

  1. The 3D glasses are rechargeable! The regular 3D glasses are usually battery operated, and because children LOVE 3D games and movies - Rechargeable glasses will save you buying batteries again and again !
  2. The Samsung SSG-2200KR 3D Glasses are - Child size 3D glasses! Think of them, watching a 3D movie or 3D games when the parents glasses fall off or destort the 3D picture.
  3. Think of yourself.. your kids will bring friends home to watch 3D movies and games, drinking and eating and having fun.. Those sticky fingers will be away from YOUR 3D glasses once they have their own.. ;-)
  4. Like your 3D glasses give your children 3D glasses with no cable connection needed! They could play, dance, rock&roll in all their adventure games without pulling any cables around them !

Our Samsung SSG-2200KR Rechargeable Child 3D Glasses Review is that they are comfortable eye-wear designed for children with the optimized size ! They are light weight!

3D Shutter Glasses Technology In Short:

When you put them on and look at the Samsung 3D HDTV screen, you will not notice but the HDTV actually displays two images one after the other. One image intended for the left eye, and another image for the right eye. It happens 60 time a second..

The Samsung 3D active glasses technology first blocks the left and then the right lens. It happens faster than the blink of an eye – so your eye won’t notice it. But when images are shown to each eye separately this “staggered” effect achieves far more lifelike 3D images.

Bring 3D excitment to your own home!


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Compatible with: 2010 LCD 750 series, 2010 LED 7000, 8000 and 9000 series, 2010 PDP 7000 and 8000 series, 2010 Blu-ray disc player/ HTiB - And the TV has a built in 3D Emitter.


3D Glasses For Children - From Amazon

Samsung 3D Glasses For Kids



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