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Samsung Shrek 3D Starter Kit Review

Updated on May 12, 2011

Review The Samsung 3D Starter Kit Before You Buy

In this short Samsung Shrek3D Starter Kit Review You can learn what you get inside the 3D starters kit. What are the benefits for purchasing a starter kit and not buying each component by it self.

Why do people buy this starter kit anyway?

Lets face it, the Samsung Shrek 3D Starter Kit is a great bargain! Most people buy it to save money.

When you buy your Samsung 3D HDTV, and Samsung 3D Blu-ray disk player and ask yourself how do I watch 3D movies at home?? Then the next thing you will need to buy are a pair of Samsung 3D shutter active glasses. Your 3D active shutter glasses must be of the same brand as your Samsung 3D HDTV. So you will need to buy at least one Samsung 3D active shutter glasses.

Those who buys the Samsung 3D Shrek Starter Kit - Do It For The 2 Glasses Included.

Without these glasses you will not be able to see any 3D movie at home on your Samsung HDTV..! There are even 3D glasses for children, check this Samsung 3D Active Child Glasses Review.

The shutter glasses are an essential part of the 3D HD Televisions which will be displaying two images (for the left and right eye) one after the other at an ultra fast rotation speed. When your left & right eye see only the images intended for them you will get the 3D image effect.
The active liquid crystal shutter quickly block each eye in sequence to ensure that each eye only sees the corresponding image on the Samsung 3D HDTV.

Now, those 3D shutter glasses are not the paper cheap 3D glasses you know, or the $10 blue&red polarized glasses - They cost up to $150 each ! Anyone who wants to watch the 3D movie will need to wear a pair, so unless you live alone in a cave.. you need at least two Samsung 3D active shutter glasses... (That's $250-$300 for both).

OK so you have 3D HDTV and 3D glasses what's next ?

3D Content! If you want to watch 3D movies at home, you need to get some 3D movies. 3D movie DVD will cost you $25, Blu-ray disks may cost you even more up to $38 each.

As mentioned at the beginning of this Samsung 3D Starter Shrek Kit review most people buy this kit to save money.. The kit value is $499 ! But it is sold for a price so low, Amazon can not display it..

What you get with the Samsung Shrek Starter Kit you will be buying eventually.. and it will cost you much more to buy them one by one:

  • 2 Pairs Of Samsung - Battery-Operated 3D Glasses
  • All three released Shrek movies in 3-D, as well as a voucher for the not yet released fourth movie.
  • 3D Shutter Glasses Enable Viewer.

If you have a Samsung 3D HDTV - Get Samsung 3D Shrek Starter Kit right away ! Sit back, put on the 3D shutter glasses - press PLAY and let Edi Murphy knock you out with the most funny 3D movie series!!

Enjoy the Samsung 3D Shrek Starter - Grab It Now.


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