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Samsung Galaxy Gear Smart Watch

Updated on January 9, 2014

More than a watch!

One of the most technologically forward pieces of accessory you need to have is the Samsung Galaxy gear smart watch. According to wikipedia the Samsung Galaxy gear smart watch was revealed on September 4, 2013 as a companion to Samsung tablets and smart phones.

I must say it is an exceptional piece of work! Who would have imagined the day where their watch could not only make calls but be able to take pictures and carry out functions of computers and devices ten times its sizes?

Way more!

Just a few of the features
Just a few of the features | Source


This indeed must be one amazing watch.

The first thing you notice about the Samsung Galaxy gear smart watch is that it is a watch. It goes around your wrist and fits just like any other watch would and it also tells the time. That is all it has of the traditional watches. It is equipped with a super AMOLED touch-screen that is both convenient and efficient. The watch comes with a built in camera on the wristband; to many persons this camera makes no sense but to those who find themselves in interesting situations they have a convenient camera app. that not only takes pictures but also does video recording.

I like it

4 stars for Samsung Galaxy smart watch

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Great for the ladies!

Very fashionable!
Very fashionable! | Source

No more chasing your cellphone.

The marvels however, don’t end there as the watch, with aid of the device is paired with can make and accept telephone calls. With built in microphones and speakers it is convenient to accept calls from your watch rather than having to search for your phone. For the ladies this is a gem, we no longer have to rummage through our purses to find our phones when all we have to do is accept a call on our watch.

But is it worth it?

There has been some scepticism surrounding the watch and its worth. In a You Tube video review the watch was given an initial use critique where the buyer explained that for many persons this would not be ideal hence why many persons struggle with the notion of paying such a price. He however went on to say that it is worth the price, for though persons may say it is gimmicky the watch is fully functional and is at the top of its class.

This is simply saying that the watch is more than worth the price for its ingenious design, its convenience it brings to our everyday life.


Another critique from You Tube who spent a longer time using the watch before its critique, admitted that the watch was extremely useful in his everyday life. Not only does the watch feature support a wide range of convenient apps but it also was convenient; in that it is ideally placed on the wrist.

Does it all

Don't they look good together?
Don't they look good together? | Source

The wave of the future?

Let us face it, smart watches are here and as such it's predictable that the watch industry has taken a turn for the best. The future of watch making has drastically changed and the Samsung Galaxy gear smart watch is at the head of the game. Notwithstanding all the technological features, the Samsung Galaxy gear smart watch has made itself a fashion statement. The watch comes in a variety of colours and both men and women have been seen with the watch on their wrists.

What about you?

The question now is, what do you have on your wrist? Does it make calls? Does it take pictures that automatically sync to your phone? Is it a Samsung Galaxy Gear smart watch? If you have answered no to all these questions then you my friend are missing out on a wonderful experience.

What do you think about Smart Watches?

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