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Samsung 22 in. Sync Master 226BW Don't have to be a Gamer to Love It

Updated on July 15, 2007

Samsung Sync Master 226BW

After researching computer monitors for months the final decision fell upon the Samsung Synch Master 226BW. Why did this monitor rise to the top?

This 22 inch widescreen LCD monitor is gorgeous. The screen itself is surrounded by an extremely shiny black bezel edge. At first I was worried that the shiny surface would be distracting due to reflections - but it has not been a problem. Great color, sharp graphics with such a huge viewing surface sets you up for an amazing experience. If you are reading an email you will actually find yourself moving your head back and forth due to the length of the lines. You can open two full size windows side by side or you can arrange several minimized screens at once.

Most monitors at best have a 5 ms refresh rate. This Sync Master 226BW has a 2 ms refresh rate. This makes watching movies and playing internet games very enjoyable.

The native resolution on the 226BW is 1680x1050 (wow! HD is 1080i) with a contrast ratio of 3000:1. Again, on most other monitors the contrast ratio is typically 1000:1.

Software is included that helps set up the features of the monitor. For instance, there is an internet mode, a Movie mode, a gaming mode and a sports mode. There are also five function buttons underneath the bezel.

There is one DVI and one 15-pin D-Sub connection on the back. (A cable for both is included in the box). This is a bit limited - no S video for example, but personally I'd rather invest in a great video card than to spend extra for a monitor with multiple connectors. It is also a bit disappointing that there are no built in speakers. These issues are still not deal breakers however.

The stand is interesting. It swivels side to side smoothly and easily. To most users this may not be important, but when you have the need to turn the monitor slightly, it is pretty nice. The monitor allows for angle adjustments but there is no adjustment for height.

Since purchasing this monitor I have read some disturbing articles. Apparently, there are at least 3 versions of this same monitor. Sounds strange, but according to some users, testers and even Samsung, there is an A version, an S version, and even a C version.

I can say that the Samsung Sync Master 226BW that I have is a great monitor.


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