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Samsung’s Galaxy S III – Easy to use, incredibly stylish, and oh so packed with features

Updated on June 7, 2012
Samsung’s Galaxy S III is a feature rich smart phone
Samsung’s Galaxy S III is a feature rich smart phone | Source

Does Samsung have the IPhone Killer?

The launch of Samsung’s Galaxy S III across the 5 major wireless carriers in the United States is already creating quite a buzz. Aside from the legal challenges from Apple that have moved the phone to the front pages of many financial journals, the phone seems to have everything the modern smart phone consumer wants and needs.

Optimized for the nation's 4G networks, the Galaxy S III will prove incredibly fast as compared to many other devices, but speed is just one of the many improvements consumers will enjoy. The Galaxy S III includes a Connect Through Touchfeature that will allow users to transfer files, photos, and video of up to 1 GB in size without Wi-Fi or a mobile signal. The feature is fast, easy and free. Users simply touch the two devices and files can then be transferred. The device also includes facial recognition so that the phone can recognize your friends and allow for instant file sharing with those friends. A Share features allows you to take pictures and immediately share those pictures with all of the participants. Beyond these incredible advancements, the device works as a full-blown collaborative tool allowing for file sharing across multiple devices and groups.

In addition to the facial recognition, the Galaxy S III can also recognize your voice and pick up motions allowing seamless interaction with the device. The Smart Stay feature actually reads your eyes and maintains a bright display so long as you are looking at the phone. Look away, and the screen dims, thus saving battery life. Obviously with the included voice recognition will allow for spoken commands to the phone, but users will also be able to seamlessly change from typing to speaking,making texting that much easier.

The form factor of the phone is incredibly slight with an unusually thin body, particularly for a devise with these capabilities, but the screen is a full 4.8” making it rather large compared with many competitors. Speaking of the screen, it is a full HD with super clarity and brightness. Coupled with the ability to manage multiple functions at once, users will be able to watch videos as they text or email.

Finally, the Galaxy S III includes a remarkable 8MP camera. Unlike many phones, the Galaxy S III camera has a zero lag shutter speed (allowing for instant image capture) and the ability to capture up to 20 continuous shots. These features essentially put the Galaxy S III on par with many stand-alone digital cameras. Rounding out the offering, the Galaxy S III includes a 1.9MP front facing camera allowing you to record yourself in full HD.

All in all, Samsung’s Galaxy S III is one the most advanced smart phones to ever hit the market. Having already launched in many parts of the world, the device is enjoying great success and rave reviews. With the US launch, the competitive landscape for smart phone devices is sure to heat up even more.


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