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Save Money On Mobile Phone Calls With VoIP

Updated on April 16, 2013
Saving Money with Small Business VoIP
Saving Money with Small Business VoIP | Source

Cutting That Phone Bill

Most people in the United States purchased their smartphones on a contract. The talk time provided under them is almost always sufficient to take care of any individual needs they may have. However, in many cases it also dramatically exceeds their requirements. As a result, they end up paying far more than they would have had they merely purchased a "pay-as-you-go" plan. The needs of a business and an individual are very different. If a single person can save money using mobile VoIP, the amount of cost savings generated by an enterprise is truly staggering.

Both Android and iOS have a large number of VoIP applications in their respective app stores. Already many people are flocking to popular apps in order to obtain free calling to a close circle of friends. It's also well known that international call costs are exponentially lower with VoIP.

The lifeblood of any enterprise is communications. A constant connect between suppliers and buyers as well as other stakeholders is critical for smooth operations. Most companies these days have a presence not just in other parts of the country but overseas as well. Regular conference calls are commonplace. If such an organization hasn't yet switched to a business hosted VoIP solution, then the time to do so is now.

VoIP works by carrying as much of the call data over the Internet as possible. There are no costs incurred during this time just as it costs nothing to send an e-mail. You've already paid for your Internet connection and anything that goes over it is free. The exception to this of course are mobile data plans that can come in a "pay-as-you-go" flavor. The good news is that VoIP doesn't use up much bandwidth at all. You can easily fit quite a bit of talk time into your quota without exceeding the data caps.

In any case, judicious use of mobile VoIP will ensure that most of your communications will take place using Wi-Fi either at home or at work. You need only revert to using the regular data plan when you're out of the house or in a vehicle. This ensures that most of your VoIP calls are free for the most part. As long the other person you're communicating with has signed up for the same service, there will be no charges incurred. Even if you're using a different VoIP service, you can connect to them directly using an SIP address.

Small business VoIP systems are the future of the communications. With a hosted setup, you don't need to worry about maintaining your own hardware or infrastructure. An Internet connection is all you need and you're ready to go!


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